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On the way to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-29

Jesus walked with His disciples for hours without being recognised by them. Have we ever asked why? Have we ever on our own pondered over this question? Why should Jesus not have been recognised by those closest to Him?!

This is indeed baffling and as thinking human beings we should seek the answer to this question. Under normal circumstances, Jesus would undoubtedly have been recognised by those who were closest to Him, but after His death, He became unrecognisable.

It is not clear how contemporary religion has explained this happening away if indeed they have attempted to answer it. They would perhaps say that Jesus was in a kind of transformed physical body. How He would have acquired this body is not clear to anyone. 

This is one of the best proofs in support of the fact that man is not just the physical body and that Christ did not resurrect in the way believed by contemporary Christianity or indeed by most Christian believers.

If indeed Jesus resurrected in His physical body, then He would undoubtedly have been recognised by those who knew Him. It would not have been possible for Him to walk amongst them for hours without Him being recognised.

The same happened on the beach and in many of the instances that have become familiar to Bible readers. Note must also be made of the fact that He was able to go into rooms without opening doors, something that He never did until His transition.

What do all these facts tell us? Now suddenly we had Jesus, Who was no longer recognisable to His closest associates; a Jesus Who could now enter into rooms without opening doors.

It is obvious that unless one has made a decision never to open one’s mind to other possibilities or that one has decided not to think for oneself, then each and every one of us would at one time or the other have given these events a thought or two and perhaps have asked these questions without finding an answer.

Jesus was not recognised because just like every other human being, on physical death, the physical body itself is dropped and what then remains are the other coverings made of the substance of the Beyond. This substance, being different would also appear different. It is lighter and as such is able to penetrate the heavier material substance of this earth, hence the ability of Jesus to enter into rooms without opening doors. This substance of the Beyond, of which the outermost cloak of Jesus at this point was made of is lighter and can easily penetrate heavier matter.

This is what those who know about it have called a soul body. Therefore, Jesus on His transition appeared to His disciples with His soul body but not the physical one. This is why He appeared different and this is why He was able to enter into rooms without opening doors.

This is also the reason why He was able to ascend. He could not have ascended in His physical gross material body as this is impossible. The physical gross material body is made up of substance of this earth. It has the same kind of heaviness as the other things on this earth and according to the Law of Spiritual Gravity, it would have been impossible even for Jesus to take this body away with Him.

Jesus, being a Part of the Divine Laws that guide the order in the universe would never even think of going against these Laws. If it is Divine Law that all human beings that incarnate on earth must at their transitions to the Beyond leave behind their physical bodies, then these Laws, being perfect would never have made an exception for Jesus. Perfection means immutability. An impossibility of change or improvement. And Jesus, being a Part of these Laws Himself would adhere to these Laws most exactly. Nor was there a need for taking the physical body with Him.

The early fathers of the Church were afraid of promoting what they believed was a kind of superstition by denying the knowledge of an afterlife or the possibility of the existence of a kind of soul. This is the reason among other things why these events surrounding Jesus has not been pursued and explained as they should have over the centuries.

But Jesus with His Words and with all the events that surrounded Him ever again disproved these people and their interpretations. The lack of logic in contemporary explanations about the nature of man and as to where he goes after his earthly death is so glaring that it is a surprise that this has never until now been challenged. Those who are attempting to challenge it go too far in trying to place everything on this earth and on relying too much on Science which denies the existence of everything until it can be proven to exist in the laboratory or until it can be seen with the physical eyes.

Therefore Jesus did not take His physical body with Him on His earthly death. He appeared in his otherworldly garment and ascended with this garment.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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