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The separation of the sheep from the goats

We all seem to have an idea of what this expression means. We generally know that it refers to the Judgment and also to the separation of the good from the evil. But that is all that we know concerning this expression. We do not know how it is to be brought about.

The picture that we have in our minds is that there will be one great day of Judgment whereby all human beings will be called one by one before the Judgment Seat of God and then some will be told to go to the left while some will be told to go to the right. The sheep to the right, and the goats to the left.

While this picture looks appealing, we must realise that God is much more natural and perfect than we imagine and also much greater. The simplicity that lies in the Laws of God allows Him to do things in such a way that are far more comprehensive than human beings can ever imagine.

God will not call each person before Him as we imagine but He sends His all overwhelming Power into the universe as Radiations which affect each soul in the most natural way. This Radiation of God is sent into the entire universe to strike each soul at his or her appointed hour for the Judgment.

All the characteristics that all human beings possess will then be roused to greater activity by this Radiation. Depending on how the individual stands in relation to the Laws of God, this Radiation will bring out all his qualities. If he is evil, then his evil qualities will be roused to ever greater activity than before and if he is good, then the good in him will also be roused to activity.

In this way, the good, as seen through the Laws of God will be strengthened in their volition to continue in this volition and the evil will be affected in the same way to continue in this evil volition. In this way then, men, through their behaviours separate themselves automatically through themselves.

God does nothing other than send His all overwhelming Radiation into the universe. This Radiation then acts in such a way on the souls in this Creation so that these souls (human beings) themselves must judge themselves and separate themselves through their activities.

The amazing simplicity and naturalness is there for all to see. This Radiation also affects the environment in such a way that the conditions on earth in which human beings live will contribute to this separation.

An example is the economic hardship that is hitting many nations. Through this hardship, which will come to affect all nations in time, all human beings are forced to make a choice as to what they really are. As the hardships intensify both economic and social, many human beings are not going to be able to withstand this pressure and will engage in activities that must separate them from the Divine Will.

It is all a question of the seed that each individual has planted within himself. This seed will determine how he separates himself. If he has evil elements within, then these economic and social pressures will make him act in such a way that must bring out these evil qualities. His qualities and his true nature come out for all to see and it becomes quite clear to the Light to which category he belongs. Through this he then receives the Judgment he deserves.

Through acting in an evil manner, he is automatically counted by the Light as belonging to the goats and receives the kind of Judgment that has been reserved for all those in this category.

The increasing population of the earth and the increasing frequency of natural disasters and also the increasing severity of the fates of individuals and masses will in the very near future bring out all the aberrations of human behaviour. It will not matter how the individual is considered in society. He may be the pillar of society, even be the head of a large corporation. What will matter are his inward qualities which he has hitherto been able to hide from his fellow men.

The Radiation of God will affect him and his surroundings in such a way that he must make a choice. The choice that he makes obviously will depend on his true inner qualities. If he is a truly good human being then he will not be able to act in any other way than in a good manner in the true love that he has for his fellow human beings. The pressure that the Radiation of God brings upon him will only allow him to act according to his good inner seeds and qualities. He is then as a result counted among the sheep.

On the other hand, however, those who carry evil seeds and qualities within, which hitherto no one knew about will be forced through the change in their circumstances to begin to act in ways dictated by their true inner selves.

Therefore, we separate ourselves and we receive the blows that we deserve in the Judgment. The only way to avoid this catastrophe is to have the knowledge that allows us to know exactly what is happening to us at any particular moment. This knowledge allows us to keep an eye on our intuitions so that we do not let the evil seeds that we all have within us to become too strong for us.

The evil must be destroyed in any case through the new penetration of the Power of God but we must see to it that we do not become destroyed with it.

Therefore, the only saving grace is true knowledge of what is happening at this present time. The most ardent religious belief will not help here. It is the knowledge that brings conviction that will show us the way. Through becoming knowing, we save ourselves from becoming numbered among the goats.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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