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You, therefore, must be perfect as your Heavenly Father is Perfect

Matthew 5:48

How many of us have thought about this statement made by Jesus while giving His Sermon on the Mount? This is actually a commandment from Jesus. He was asking us to become perfect. But is this achievable? One can answer straight away by saying that if this was not achievable Jesus would not have demanded it. The fact that He demanded it is proof that it is achievable.

But what is really meant by this commandment? Jesus meant that we should become spiritually perfect, but not intellectually perfect since there is no such thing as intellectual perfection. How do we become spiritually perfect, however? Jesus has even made it a precondition to entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

Striving after spiritual perfection is actually the real reason we are here on earth. It is actually the purpose of our lives. It is nothing more that the injunction to develop and perfect the dormant spiritual abilities given to us when we were created.

According to Abd-ru-shin in his book “In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message,” we were created as spiritual seeds in Paradise unconscious of ourselves and our surroundings. The reason for this unconsciousness was the fact that the abilities we carried within us were undeveloped. We were then allowed to come to these lower regions of Creation to learn to develop these abilities, which development will then lead to the perfection of our personalities.

Therefore while here on earth, we should strive with all our powers to understand the real reason for being here and work to develop the dormant spiritual abilities that we all possess. Gradually, we will learn to perfect these our abilities therefore obeying one of Jesus’ most vital commandments.

The way to this perfection is the knowledge of the spiritual laws which brought us into being and which guide our lives. Without this knowledge, it is really impossible to come to be convinced about the real purpose of life. The first step therefore is to acquire the right kind of knowledge, whereby not a single question remains unanswered in our minds.

We should be on the look out for this knowledge. In this way we will be able to fulfil our destinies.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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