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False or wrong expectations of our Messiah

We all have certain expectations of our Saviour no matter to what religion we belong. Since our Saviour is considered Divine then He must possess exceptional and extraordinary or mythical powers. He is supposed to be above the natural laws, often accomplishing things which are impossible for others. Jesus Christ is the prime example of this expectation. 

Jesus Christ achieved things and did things that were virtually impossible for other men to achieve and this proved His Divine origin. The Power with which He worked was inaccessible to ordinary human beings but this did not mean that He worked outside the natural laws.

One thing that must be emphasised is that apart from the miracles that He performed Jesus did everything else and lived His life like everyone else, like a normal human being.

The only thing that set Jesus apart from others were His words and His deeds in terms of miracles and the way He conducted Himself. Otherwise He thirsted, hungered, tired and slept like everyone else. In short He was subject to everything else that the physical body in which He found Himself was subject.

He had to be born of a woman like everyone else and had to go through all the stages that normal human beings go through in His childhood, adolescence and so on. Absolutely nothing was different in His upbringing and childhood and the way He lived.

He was therefore subject to all the physical laws that we as human beings are subject. However, because of His accomplishments in His adult life and in what He achieved for others in His miracles we have come to expect more from Him. In fact we have often come to expect the impossible from Him. We have come to expect Him to achieve things that are outside the laws of nature. We have come to expect Him to accomplish and do things that go outside the normal natural course of events.

First of all it is important to realise that with all the great things He accomplished, He never went outside the laws of nature. All that He accomplished were completely within the natural laws and not a single work of miracle that He did was arbitrary and thus outside the Divine Laws. What Jesus demonstrated with His accomplishments was that He worked with a different Power which is completely inaccessible to human spirits. He worked with Divine Power. This does not mean that Divine Power is not natural or that it manifests itself outside the laws of nature. If this Power was unnatural or outside the laws of nature, then it would not manifest at all in nature. The fact that this Power can be manifested in nature and on earth testifies to its naturalness. This Power is just different.

Many of us still think that Jesus could have come down from the cross if He wanted to. Or that He could have called the Devil’s bluff and jumped down from the mountain heights and not be harmed if He wanted to. What we, however, fail to realise is that despite the fact that He worked in Divine Power, He was still in a physical body and was therefore subject to the limitations of this physical body and would suffer all the consequences and injuries that this physical body is subject. Since He hungered, thirsted and tired like everyone else then why must it be different if He was nailed firmly to the cross or if He were to throw Himself from a mountain height? 

Being nailed to the cross there would have been no way for Him to free Himself unless He had outside physical help. And if He were to throw Himself down a mountain as the Devil tempted Him to do He would have suffered fatal injuries. By the same token the fact that the nails went through His flesh and held Him there is enough proof that He was subject to the same physical laws as everyone else. It is impossible to circumvent these laws.

The lesson we should draw from all this is that the personality cult we all tend to build around our Redeemer is not what it should be. This detracts from the more important aspect of His Mission which is His Word. That alone necessitated His coming to this earth and that alone is what will set us free if we adhere to It as Jesus intended.

Even by some accounts, He already accomplished great things as a child and already performed the greatest miracles then. This would indicate our tendency to always hold up our Redeemer as extraordinary when in reality there is no need for this. If we pay more attention to the greatness of His Word we will find therein proof of His Divine Essence without having to look for proof in miracles. His Word is the proof of His Divine origin and nothing else. If we examine His Word we will discover His greatness and become convinced of His nature and origin. That is what is most important. We will discover that no one else but He who descends directly from God can have such wisdom and knowledge and speak such truths.

Being convinced of His nature and origin, we will then voluntarily follow His Word and act accordingly knowing that it is only this and nothing else that will lead to our salvation.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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