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The proclamation of a Messiah

It may have been heard that members of a particular religion have deliberated or are still deliberating about proclaiming a Messiah. Since apparently they have been waiting for the fulfilment of the prophecies and since these prophecies have apparently not been fulfilled the members of this religion were at one time considering going ahead on their own to proclaim a Messiah.

Now there are several issues here which need to be looked at. One is the so-called apparent non-fulfilment of the prophecies, or a delay in the fulfilment of the prophecies about the Coming of the Messiah; second is the fact that mankind themselves think that they are in a position to proclaim a Messiah. Thirdly, the expectation that this Messiah must be a human being like ourselves and that He must proceed from our particular sect or religion.

The Messiah is still being expected even now after more than two thousands years! And what is it that makes mankind or members of this religion believe that the Messiah had not already walked on earth among mankind and that He was not recognised as such by the members of His community but was even accused of blasphemy and tortured for it.

What is it that makes mankind think that this Messiah can proceed or needs to emerge from their own circle or sect? What is it that makes mankind think that the great God would curry the favour of earthmen by adjusting Himself to our expectations? What is it that makes mankind think that the Messiah that is still being expected has not come and gone? What is it that makes mankind think that they are in a position to choose or declare a Messiah? 

This again proves that we are not afraid of God anymore. We think that we are masters here on earth with the ability to act as we see fit without any consequences. We think that we make all the rules that apply here and that only those rules are valid. The fact that we can even imagine that it is possible for us to declare a Messiah and choose in this matter is already a devastating indictment of the state of our spirits.

We forget that a Messiah is a Part out of God and as such this process is completely removed from what human spirits are ever able to understand. It is completely beyond us and beyond our ability to grasp. Yet, we have the effrontery to imagine that we have a say in the matter.

Well, what we need is a fear of God once more. This will be drilled into us with such relentlessness in the next few years that whatever still stands in the way of our recognition that we are actually nothing before God will varnish into nothingness through such terrible experiences that no more doubt will exist as to how small we actually are.

In any case let it be said that all the prophecies are being fulfilled right before our eyes, but as usual we have closed our eyes to them failing to recognise the fulfilment of these prophecies or acknowledge those sent by God to fulfil these prophecies all because we would rather give preference to our own thinking and ideas instead of for once listening to the Word that comes from God as salvation for our spirits.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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