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The true principles of Christ

The true principles of Jesus Christ involved His Teaching about God and about the Laws of God and what place man occupies in the great Creation. His principles involved the bringing to our knowledge the basic Laws of Creation which are the Laws of Nature which we had not known until then.

He explained the Laws of God to us in picture form through many parables each representing a particular aspect of these Laws. Through these parables we were meant to absorb within our spirits what the Laws of God demanded of us and how we were meant to adjust to these Laws. Through this adjustment we would find happiness since we now obey the Laws, leading to a happy existence without any more strife and suffering.

A part of this principle is that of love for our neighbours, loving them as we love ourselves, wishing for the same things to happen to them as we want to happen to us. Thinking good of our neighbours and saying good things about them and ultimately acting in such a way that benefits them. In other words, all our thoughts, words and deeds should benefit our neighbours.

In this way we actually sow the best seeds for ourselves since what we actually do for our neighbours are in reality done only for ourselves since the reciprocal actions of all that we have done for our neighbours ultimately return to us as harvest. If we have always thought the best of our neighbours then this good will also return to us as good karma or fate. That is why this commandment from Jesus is one of the most important that He gave to us. It is a lifeline for our existence on earth.

Jesus in this way explained one of the fundamental Laws of God: the Law of Reciprocal Action or the Law of Karma or the Law of Action and Reaction. This Law determines that what we put in Creation in the form of our thoughts, words and actions return to us when the harvest is due and we will receive back exactly what we put in so much so that if we sow hatred we will reap nothing else but hatred and if we sow love we will reap exactly the same. Jesus’ advise to love our neighbours therefore is telling us to put only the good into Creation so that we might reap only the good.

Jesus explained how Creation actually is and many times He spoke of “the Kingdom of Heaven is like so and so…” giving us a picture of the structure of Creation. His principles involved showing man and his responsibility before God and as a creature with a free will which he can use to do things pleasing to God. He set man free from the rigidity of religious dogma which religion had sought to impose upon man. On listening to Jesus the people felt that they could actually approach God themselves without any intermediaries. They could actually pray themselves and were certain to be heard.

For the first time in centuries the people knew what freedom of spiritual worship meant. The yoke of the Pharisees and Sadducees was broken and man was free to approach God in his inner being without intermediaries. It was beautiful and the people rejoiced. Christ’s principles showed that man was created by God without a religion and as such does not need a religion in order to approach Him.

Christ’s principles were all about man learning what the Laws of God were and what God expects of him and joyfully adjusting to these Laws and being happy therein. It was all a question of knowing how to be happy human beings on earth, pleasing to God and bringing joy and happiness to all around. If we knew about the Laws of God and how wonderful these were we would joyfully adjust ourselves and be happy.

Therefore Christ’s principles were about explaining the Laws of God and how we can adjust ourselves and also explaining the structure of Creation so that we can find our way about on our journeys through it. That way, we do not lose our way because we know the road that takes us all the way back to Paradise whence we came.

The real core of Christ’s Message therefore has nothing to do with the obscurity that we find in today’s religions. His Message was clear and easy to understand but after thousands of years many external doctrines have been introduced that have muddled the crystal clarity of Jesus’ Message confusing the seekers and ultimately leading to dissensions and actually achieving the opposite of what Jesus intended: people have now again like just before He came put themselves in spiritual bondage, in shackles of religious worship instead of being free in spirit and worshipping God without any intermediaries like Christ intended.

It is hoped that in reading the Bible we will in future be able to discover the true principles of Jesus Christ for ourselves, unearthing the core of His Message so that we might be free once more in the joys of true spiritual worship.

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