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Blasphemy laws

Blasphemy is regarded in law as any matter which denies the existence of God, the truth of the Christian religion, the truth of the Bible or the Book of Common Prayer. This is especially so if the language used is ribald and offensive. It is also held that the effect of the remarks or the denials be liable to cause public dismay and risk shaking the fabric of society.

Here we are not discussing the merits of this law as it is indeed appropriate that such a law exist but we are concerned with the applicability of this law to organised religion. It must be averred that this law should apply only to God.

Any matter then that denies the existence of God, especially when it involves the use of offensive language or vilifies God or the Truth of God as revealed in His Sons is to be regarded as blasphemous. By the Sons of God is meant the Son of God, Jesus and the Son of Man, Imanuel.

Since the Laws of God themselves regard any word that we speak or any intuitive perceptions that we bring forth and indeed any act as having consequences, then these Laws also automatically apply here on earth and it is obligatory for us as human beings to also apply these Laws on earth.

Organised religion has nothing to do with God. God and organised religion are not one and the same thing. Organised religion as they are today do not form a medium of communicating with God and as such are not mediators to His proximity.

If therefore organised religion has nothing to do with God, then the blasphemy laws cannot apply to these religions. Therefore if the individual vilifies a particular religion, another law should be used in bring this person to trial; perhaps the defamatory libel laws? If that individual, however, also includes the Person of God in his remarks, then the blasphemy laws apply.

If the individual includes the Person of Jesus in his remarks, then the blasphemy laws also apply, as Jesus is the Son of God. If, however, only the body of organised religion or a Church is attacked and the Person of the Creator is not included in these attacks, then the blasphemy laws are not applicable.

The Church or religion should be regarded as individual or an independent body and if there is any work that tends to bring it into contempt and ridicule, then the defamatory libel law should be used and not the blasphemy laws.

The Truth that Jesus brought cannot be said to be well-preserved today in the Christian religion. Therefore the teachings in these Churches cannot be said to represent that Truth that Jesus brought. Consequently, denying the truth of the Christian religion is not the same as denying the Truth as represented in Jesus. This is the reason why blasphemy laws cannot really apply here.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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