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Earthly Justice: Where does it leave us?

Most human beings have a lot of trust in earthly justice until a personal experience with this justice opens their eyes to the reality on the ground. Most modern countries boast about their justice system and how fair it is. But how really fair are these systems? If critically examined it is so far from being fair as day is from night.

This may come as a shock to many people, especially as we have been told from childhood that the Western form of Justice is the best in the world and being fed daily on such diet we have come to believe it. It is a kind of system whose authors and custodians are proud of and which they try to promote since this also makes them look good.

But here it is really a question of how this earthly judicial system compares with what it should really be when the Laws of God are used as the sole arbiter in everything. When the scales are removed from our eyes, a cry of horror will be the result from all peoples.

In the first place these laws have been devised by the intellect, which understands absolutely nothing of the nature of man and his motives or his driving force. The real origin of crime is not even understood by this humanity yet we dare to devise laws to deal with what we do not understand. The arrogance and presumption of men of the intellect is already clear from this alone. 

How can this intellect presume to devise laws for a humanity whose origin and activities move mostly in realms that the intellect will never be able to grasp? It is really strange. To make matters worse, the enthusiasm of some prosecutors and the police in making arrests is really frightening. It is like the number of arrests that they make or the number of convictions that they get is supposed to enhance their reputations. It does not really matter whether the person that they are prosecuting or have arrested is innocent. It is as if really dangerous people have been let loose on humanity.

The jury system and the way these are selected shows a calculation that makes serious thinkers think that the whole system is really not designed for justice at all. It is not designed to find out the truth on any of the matters before them in many cases.

In the first place the origin of crime goes far beyond what the intellect can grasp. It moves mostly in the realms of medium and fine gross matter. There are so many factors involved that it is always better for the jury to acquit the accused unless they know what they are doing. The raw material for most crimes lies elsewhere and those who provide these raw material should be brought to justice first before those arrested are even considered. 

By raw material is meant the forms of our thoughts and words, especially the forms of the intuitive volition. These are the forms that mass together and influence those who commit crimes and unless these centres are cleared up through a purer thinking humanity, it will be impossible to eradicate crime.

In the immediate Beyond are centres that have arisen through the massing together of the thought-forms of mankind. These centres are categorised depending on the nature of the thoughts, hence there are envy, hate, murder, greed centres etc.

Human beings on earth and those in the Beyond are the constant suppliers of energy to these centres. These thought-forms influence their producers to continue to produce similar forms but at the same time can influence people with weak defences or those with similar tendencies. They can influence a third person and goad him to act in such a manner that is totally unexpected, depending on the tendency of this individual.

For example, a hate form can goad a third person to murder, if this individual has this tendency. Now, that person who produced that particular form that was able to goad this third person to this dastardly deed would have to be brought to justice even before the person that has committed the gross material act. In the same way envy, greed and many other thought-forms can provoke such dastardly behaviours in other people that was not the intention of the original producers. But they have provided the raw material for this deed.

This is the scenario that earthly law does not put into consideration and does not even know about but has an effect in almost every crime. Moreover, they may even have arrested the wrong person that is totally innocent of the gross material deed and we know that this has happened many times in the past and is still happening.

If the Laws of God were to be followed and adopted as our earthly laws, not only will we totally eliminate miscarriages of justice, we will also be able to judge who is really responsible for a crime and allocate the appropriate sentences.

Everyone will then be more careful as to how he or she thinks and in this way we purify our ethereal environment thereby gradually eliminating crime. The source of crime lies in the incarnation of so many evil human spirits through the moral decline of mankind and the abundant supply of raw material for everyone to use.

As things are at the moment, however, since man is not in the mood to listen to anyone but himself and his intellect, we have to continue in this state until it becomes clear to everyone that the wrong road has been followed. This will not come overnight, however. It will require that we experience all the consequences of our errors. Those who do not voluntarily change will have to experience to the full the consequences of their errors.

In the meantime, it is useful to realise that real Justice lies in the acknowledgement of the Spiritual Laws and the strict adherence to them.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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