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Legality or Conscience? What rules the world?

We have often heard the expression “There is no morality, only legality.” If we were to cast an eye over our society and the way it is organised, it would appear as if it is the “smart” people who make it. By “smart” is meant those who know the letter of the law and how to manipulate it. Our society is so structured that it is only this type of people who are raised to the highest levels of society.

It is obvious from this that we wished for nothing else with the way we have structured our society. Only deceivers and prattlers gain the upper hand, never real human beings with real aims of helping their fellow men. It will always be those who are cunning and deceitful who will always be able to get into the highest offices and so on because these know how to manipulate the system.

Whenever we separate the Laws of God and everything to do with Him from our affairs and when we separate Spirituality (not religion) from State, then this is the result. We now then have a world which is ruled mostly if not entirely by legality, but not by conscience. It should have been the other way round. A world ruled by conscience so that every human being does not then have to distrust his fellow human being. He would not need to, because he knows that no harm will ever come to him.

We can at least take a moment to think through the results of living in that kind of society. A world ruled by conscience! Each individual in his own imagination will be able to arrive at the kind of society this would bring, in contrast to the one we have before us today.

However, this is not the case. We live in a world ruled by legality. What this means is that each one will have to look out for himself and himself alone. It does not matter what happens to the other person, as long as he and all his “loved ones” are comfortable, then it is alright.

He can let his desires run riot as long as he does not get caught by anyone. After all there are no other laws apart from the earthly ones to hold him to account. If he is “smart” enough, he should not get caught. This way of thinking, that the earthly laws are all that matter, has allowed us to engage in actions that we will in the very near future live to regret.

It is this same domination of the intellect that removes Spirituality from men’s lives. In this way, we place the earthly laws devised by men’s brains above the Laws of God. A world ruled by legality is an intellectual world that lacks the vibration of the intuition. We then no longer feel the sufferings or the needs of our fellow human beings. We become inwardly dead. We lose all human feeling.

Strangely enough, it is this lack of human feeling that is often praised in novels and books. It is meant to be a sign of strength not to have a conscience. Men who are able to make decisions without putting into consideration the feelings of their fellow human beings are often admired. We see such decisions made all the time whether in industry or by government. This, however, is the sign of the greatest weakness. It is a sign that brands these people as monsters, nothing more. Such people should not be admired but ostracised as outcasts in society.

 A real human being will always feel the sufferings of others and will never make a decision that goes against his conscience even if he is told to make this decision by some rigid letter of some earthly law. These people who make these decisions and put legality or earthly considerations over life have branded themselves for what they are. 

Let us not be deceived. The issues here are clear-cut. A world ruled by conscience will never permit the various interpretations of the law as we find in every country. There would even be no need to enshrine any law in a rigid written form. Every human being  carries within himself a strong awareness of right or wrong and this sense of right or wrong is universal. It is common to all human beings irrespective of which continent or country.

It is therefore baffling to say the least when we have different interpretations of the law in all the countries, even within the same country. It simply shows that as human beings we have become inwardly dead.  If we were inwardly alive, we would not require anyone to interpret the law to us. The spirit, which understands these matters lies immured and sleeping within us. The spirit that is common to all human beings, and which bears a strong uniform awareness of the Laws of God and how these should operate, lies inactive within us.

Since the spirit is the bearer of conscience and since it has been inactive for thousands of years, is it then surprising that we are ruled by something else which has taken over? It has been replaced with the intellect. It is this intellect that mankind has been dancing around for thousands of years in worship.

More than ever today, this intellect is praised from all quarters, not suspecting that it is just this intellect and the enslavement to it that is responsible for the sorry state that we find ourselves. The domination and the rule of the intellect has made legality the sole arbiter in our lives. There, then we see before us the various consequences of this.

How can this dead intellect, which has no life of its own presume to be the arbiter for human spirits, whose origin lies in heights that will forever remain closed to it. Therefore, man fails to understand his neighbour. His neighbour, just like himself is of the spirit, yet he fails to understand him. Is this not strange? Yet if he uses the implement that is within him, he will be in a position to understand all human beings.

The use of the intellect alone makes it a condition that he must misunderstand his neighbour. The intellect is lifeless, incapable of any intuitive vibrations. Consequently, it will never be able to understand anything of the spirit either. It will never be able to understand human beings no matter how much effort it puts into this. Consequently, those who subject themselves entirely to the intellect and deem it to be of paramount importance will also like the intellect never be able to understand their fellow human beings.

This is simply logical. Because of their lack of feeling towards others, he will then act in ways inimical to these other human beings. He will never be able to act in the interest of his fellow men. This is simply a natural consequence of our enslavement to a tool whose characteristics we have so far been exploring.

Legality then is the bulwark of these people and they would do anything to uphold it. Legality, however, is the excrescence of a distorted intellect, of an incomplete and dangerous humanity. Of that humanity that is now going through its last gasp. 

The Laws of God and the rule of the conscience now dawns for that humanity that must now voluntarily adjust its ways or perish in the Judgment.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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