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The concept of aliens is probably a modern phenomenon. It arose out of the intuitive perception that man could not possibly be alone in the entire universe. That man could simply not be the only intelligence here in Creation, or better said in material Creation. That the universe is too vast for this. This intuitive perception in itself is not wrong but the way the whole thing has been represented and pictured is as usual far from reality. This is not surprising considering that the vast majority of human beings do not even know what they are, how they came to be here, and whither they go.

It is really pathetic, even unbelievable that a creature who makes so much airs about himself and who has even boasted that he has learned to conquer nature does not even know who he is or what he is. This indeed should draw the greatest mockery if it were not so sad.

As a result of this handicap, he really should not be expected to know what aliens are, but then he claims that he knows. If, however, he is asked to explain what they are, you will soon stop listening to his muddled words. It is impossible to explain what aliens are, or to explain if they exist at all without the knowledge of the structure of Creation.

Creation is divided basically into a Spiritual, an Animistic and a Material one. The material part is generally referred to as Subsequent Creation because it arose subsequently as a copy of the Spiritual part. It is that part of the vast Creation where all egos are allowed to come for their further development and maturing. Subsequent Creation is divided into: Ethereal realm and Gross Material realm. They are each further subdivided into fine, medium and heavy. As far as human beings are concerned, their point of origin is the Spiritual part, where they arose as unconscious spirit seeds. In order for them to become self-conscious they needed to descend to the lower-lying Subsequent Creation. All human beings originate from this Spiritual realm. All of them also need to descend to the material part for their further development.

All animals originate in the Animistic realm, which is also a part of Creation which lies just below the Spiritual realm. These animal souls, in addition to special elemental beings also need to descend into material Creation for further development. Hence in the whole of material Creation including the earth, the creatures we will find are human beings, animals (from the tiniest bacteria to the largest mammals), and of course also those creatures responsible for the maintenance of the natural environments: the nature beings or elementals, which mankind of today no longer see. Normally, these are the only creatures that we find in material Creation.

You can picture it to yourself. The realms of origin above and the field of activity and development below. It is obvious that on descending into material Creation, creatures which need to come here, including humans need the body of the essence of material Creation. It must be obvious that man is not the physical body. The latter is nothing but a covering that is needed by all creatures descending into material Creation. All creatures need these bodies in order for them to acquire all the sense organs for the perceptions of their environments. It would otherwise be impossible to experience any realm of Creation properly without these bodies which contain the necessary sense organs. So for the earth and other parts of material Creation.

Man therefore, in descending first acquired a body of Animistic substance, then, fine ethereal, followed by medium ethereal, heavy ethereal, then fine gross matter, medium gross matter and finally the heavy physical body, with Spirit as his core or essence. The animal on the other hand, since it originates in the Animistic realm has only the animistic as its core. It then on descending acquires the bodies of fine ethereal, medium ethereal, heavy ethereal and then just like human beings all the three layers of gross matter as it finds itself on earth.

The elementals also have all these bodies up to the fine or medium gross material ones without needing to put on the heavy gross material bodies. These do not need to put on heavy gross material bodies because they work mainly with fine radiations in the movement of the earth, the oceans, fire etc.

It is therefore impossible to experience this earth fully without the acquisition of a physical body. Now, above the point of origin of the human spirit are other realms which give origin to creatures that are much more powerful and mature and more perfect in their natures than human beings. These do not need to come into material Creation as they do not need the period of development that this offers. These creatures are already perfect in their being. They are already fully self-conscious, hence it is absolutely unnecessary for them to incarnate. They will not normally come to this earth but occasionally incarnate as teachers of mankind in the Laws of Creation. Many have incarnated as individuals among different races for this very purpose.

They do not look different from human beings, however, as they will according to the Law of Creation have to make use of the same physical bodies that earthmen are obliged to use. They will also have to incarnate through the normal processes prescribed for this through the Laws of God. There must be procreation, pregnancy, birth and so on. There can be no question of a sudden descent from anywhere. The birth of Jesus is a clear proof of all this. His birth and development were all normal and this is proof that this Law of Creation that prescribed these processes for the coming into being of humans or of any other creature to this earth can indeed not be circumvented.

So outwardly, physically, there is never any difference and there never will be. Therefore all these suppositions that aliens will have two heads and so on and so forth are all faulty, no more. What will be different is the core. The core, being of higher spirituality or even Divine will be different and as a result their outlook on life will also be different. It is true that such will be of higher intelligence since the nature of their origin bestows them with great capacities, but it is not the intellectual wanting-to-know-better kind of knowledge that these possess. At the same time these will never have the evil intentions that mankind has often ascribed to them. They will always be teachers of mankind and are also examples and prototypes for humanity.

It is, however, a misnomer to call them aliens. An alien is someone who has no right to be here either on earth or in Subsequent Creation in general. Those who have no right to be here, however, are those who do not keep the Laws of God. All those creatures who uphold the Laws of God have a right to be in any realm of His Creation. If we are still looking for aliens, we do not need to look very far at all. Aliens are amongst us and they have been here for a long time already.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, the nature of our spiritual actions whether in thought or deed determines our place in this Creation. These actions take on form which are attached to the producers of such forms. At the same time a similar fine gross material body forms around the spirit core of such individuals. If these people have indulged in nothing else but evil and rank materialism, then a fine or medium gross matter body which is dark, ugly and heavy forms around the spirit. These human spirits, instead of acquiring the human form which automatically follows spiritual self-consciousness acquires a shape which is altogether grotesque and beastly. Of course on earth they have the normal physical bodies and do not look any different from other human beings, but the nature of their spiritual bodies outside the gross materiality of their earthly bodies is not human.

They came to be this way because over millennia they have failed to listen and adhere to the Laws of God. These are the ones who for centuries have already held the intellect as of paramount importance and have oppressed those who choose to follow a different path. They have lost all human feeling; all deep inner feeling for the suffering of their fellow men have been altogether lost and all they are interested in is their own earthly gain and material benefit. Since they lack any form of intuitive vibrations, they lack human feeling. As a result they are unable to understand the suffering of others.

They carry through whatever comes to them without due regard to whether what they are doing harms other creatures as long as it is profitable for them. The reason they act this way is not surprising because in reality these people are not human beings. Beyond the materiality of their physical bodies exist a beastly soul which has lost all rights to be called human. Strip off their physical bodies and all you will see is their true selves.

It is truly not difficult to tell the difference on earth. The nature of each individual’s behaviour testifies to the nature of the soul, whether evil or not. And it is not those who commit obvious crimes that attention should focus on as such but all those who hide behind a veneer of legitimacy. This also means that each individual should examine himself and his behaviour and ask the hard questions as to the category that he belongs. He will often be shocked at what he discovers of himself.

Those people then who have deviated so far from the normal course of development for human beings and who have gone so far as to acquire a form which is not in accordance with the Laws of God really should not be on this earth. As mentioned elsewhere, the nature of one’s activities determines the nature of the environment that we find ourselves in the Beyond. If we are good then due to the light nature and beauty of our spirit bodies we find ourselves in environments similar in nature to this lightness and beauty. If on the other hand, we are evil, we find ourselves in environments similar to the ugly nature of our inner being.

Since this earth is only meant for the development of human beings who are obedient to the Laws of God and as such are good, then those who are not in this category of obedient servants of the Almighty who seek to uphold His Laws at all times should not be here on earth at all. The weight of their spiritual bodies normally should have kept them in regions far below this earth where they will find those of like nature. According to the Law of Spiritual Gravity, they should not have been able to incarnate here since the earth’s orbit would have been such as to always wing its way higher than it does at the moment.

In the past few millennia, however, the spiritual retrogression of mankind has been so severe that we have now allowed such souls who have descended into the nether regions to rise to the level of this earth. The immediate fine and medium gross material surrounding of this earth has become so dark and heavy; so much so that not only has the earth’s orbit changed (it now revolves in a much lower sphere than hitherto) but those dark souls are now attracted out of their dark realms and find themselves in the immediate vicinity of the earth.

These therefore as a result of this condition find it easier to incarnate whenever an act of procreation takes place on earth. Just because of this condition, the vast majority of the souls that we will find in the immediate ethereal surroundings of the earth are these dark souls because the lighter ones, in order not to sully their own cloaks, which can happen if they associate with the dark ones have withdrawn and fewer and fewer of these get the opportunity to incarnate.

To make matters worse, women, who determine the nature of the souls that incarnate are utterly ignorant in these matters. In fact, they have been primarily responsible for this sad event through their own retrogression. It is now very difficult if not almost impossible for a lighter soul to incarnate. For that to happen, the prospective parents, especially women will have to direct their volitions fully towards the Light. They will have to send radiations in the form of ardent prayers towards the Light. These radiations (prayers) can then make the connection that is able to draw lighter human souls into the vicinity of the pregnant mother for an incarnation.

Who then are the aliens? The aliens are all those human beings who are not supposed to be here on earth. Due to their dark nature, they should be in realms homogenous to their spiritual weights. By being here they only cause havoc and suffering among those human beings who wish to listen to the Light. They thereby as a result burden themselves with more guilt. Unfortunately more than half of the inhabitants of the earth today belong to this category. This is not difficult to substantiate. Look around you. Look at yourself. Look at society. It will be a shock to realise this.

As for whether some aliens can come in spacecrafts and so on and so forth, let it made known that to travel from one physical universe to the other is impossible. There are other universes no less massive than ours where there are other human spirits. The universes are however so far flung that it is literally impossible to journey there in a spacecraft in a physical body. The journey to Neptune alone will take more than a life time and that is still within our solar system. Not to mention how long it will take to get to other stars still within our galaxy and then there are other galaxies, in fact millions of them. All these within our own universe. It is obvious that even within our own universe, a meaningful galactic and intergalactic exploration is impossible, not to mention an inter-universe exploration.

As for whether aliens built the pyramids, let it be said that the pyramids were built during a time when human beings were still to some extent swinging in the Will of God. This allowed them to have access to knowledge that has now become closed to this humanity. They were able to receive directly from the nature beings through their direct connection with these. It simply goes to prove that humanity has indeed retrogressed spiritually when his so called “science” of today declares it mathematically impossible for pyramids to be built. The moral decline of humanity which was accompanied by intellectual domination closed it to the knowledge that can only come through the use of spirit.

Therefore, we should look keenly within ourselves and change the nature of our intuitive perceptions to something better. Away from the present unbelievable materialism and direct our volitions only to spiritual matters. Then we will attract fewer and fewer of these aliens who only cause suffering and havoc and then perhaps peace will  reign one day for humanity.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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