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Are children innocent?

The prevalent belief among the whole of mankind is that children are innocent. Since they are newly born, then they are regarded as not having yet sinned and as such completely guiltless. This view again reflects the one-sided view which has become characteristic of mankind.

We see things only from the earthly point of view and reject any other explanations even if these explanations seem more logical and contain the truth. We simply blindly reject any other explanations of life as long as they do not correspond to the hitherto prevailing views which often contain great errors.

If we carry the prevailing explanations to their logical conclusions, then how come children are often born into differing circumstances? If they are all so equally sinless why are they not all born into the same circumstances? Why are some children born with deformities and so on? These are questions which have never been answered by anyone and they will never be answered as long as the prevailing views are stubbornly adhered to.

The inscrutable ways of God are often used by the clergy to try to explain away all these questions but this does not provide an answer to a question that indeed must be answered and to make matters worse not many of us even care to ask these questions. As long as we are comfortable why bother to ask any questions? Who cares what circumstances people are born into, we ask? After all we have enough to eat, our lives are great, we have the good things of life, etc. 

Often we hear it said and alluded to everywhere that God is to blame for the circumstances into which children are born. Everywhere it is asserted that we are not responsible for being here on earth and whatever faults we have and whatever circumstances we find ourselves must be due to the fault of the Creator.

After thousands of years of persistently clinging stubbornly only to that which is earthly and limiting our views and horizons to the lowest division of Creation whereby we lost the free broad view of how things really are, we now have the effrontery to blame the great Creator for this our pitiful state. If today we are unable to explain all the mysteries of life and answer all the questions in life, then we must blame ourselves for that limitation and inability.

God had always sent teachers and prophets to show us how we have to live so that we do not lose this ability to understand life, but again and again all those who were sent by Him were persecuted and rejected and often killed leading ultimately to the gravest sin of all: the crucifixion of His Son, Jesus. What then do we do now? 

This one-sided view of life which looks only at the material earth as the explanation for everything is one of the gravest shackles we could have placed on ourselves. Until we reach beyond this we will never be able to explain anything or understand how things really are.

How could it indeed be possible that the beginning, development and evolution and the end of everything be on this small earth? It baffles the mind how we could have believed in such a delusion and accepted it without any protest.

In any case children are not innocent! They are nothing more than fellow human spirits who incarnate through their parents so that they might have another opportunity at redeeming themselves. They are often burdened with very heavy karma which as puberty sets in they will have the opportunity to begin to redeem. Children are human spirits who have incarnated on earth many times before and as a result would have incurred karma which a new earthly birth now offers another chance for redemption.

This explains why they are born into differing circumstances. No two children are alike because they have different threads of fate attaching to them, requiring different experiences and ways of redemption and as such must be born into different circumstances. Let us bear this in mind at all times and as such offer them the help that they need in this regard.

The love we have for our children must even be greater because we freely choose to help them and give them all they will need until they reach maturity after which they much be left to make their own choices which are not ours.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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