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Is hereditary sin eliminable?

Yes, of course hereditary sin is eliminable. This, however, begs the question as to what hereditary sin really is. Before we can eliminate it we must know what it is. Mankind presumes that it knows what it is but in reality it does not know. Hereditary or original or inherited sin does not refer to the so-called inherited sin from Adam. The idea of inheriting real sin from a putative Adam makes a mockery of the Justice of God. It must make those with a strong intuitive perception doubt the truth of such teachings.

Hereditary sin was the consequence of the Fall of Man! What, however, is the Fall of Man? In brief, the Fall of Man refers to the collective decision by the majority of mankind not to use the tool which they had been given for the development of their spiritual abilities. Instead, we chose to use a tool which was bound to lead to the direct opposite. Mankind chose to use the intellect instead of the intuitive perception in the making of all our decisions, contrary to the ordinance laid down by the Laws of God for the development and advancement of human beings. 

What we must realise is that man is of spiritual origin. He originates from the spiritual realm which is a place or a realm that lies at the summit of the whole of Creation. Man is therefore not the physical body. His essence is of the spirit. At the same time he finds himself on earth, which is of material origin and essence. He finds himself in a physical body made of material substance, including his brain.

While in this physical body, he has two tools at his disposal: the intuitive perception, which is a tool of the spirit (his essence), and the intellect, which is tool belonging to his physical body. The intuitive perception, being of the spirit, lies higher and is able to see further and is endowed with greater insight. It is able to see from a greater height and as such is able to perceive how things really are. The intellect, on the other hand derived its origin from this earth, which is the lowest of all the realms in this Creation. It then logically follows that the intellect is not really able to perceive anything that lies beyond its origin. It can only understand things that lie within the realm of its origin.

Mankind’s greatest guilt, however, has lain in the wilful and conscious decision to subject itself to this intellect. To accept it as superior to the spirit and the intuitive perception. This decision, as a natural consequence narrowed the perceptive ability of all the human beings who made this decision. Since the intellect is narrow in its ability to understand Creation because it only originated in the lowest of the realms of Creation, all human beings who also acknowledge their intellects as of paramount importance are also, like their intellects, narrow in their ability to understand Creation and also indeed in their ability to understand the true feelings and sufferings of their fellow human beings.

This decision then was the Fall of Man. His disobedience and refusal to follow the natural ordinance laid down by the Laws of God for the advancement and development of human spirits.

Now, since he had now decided for the intellect, the Laws of Creation must take effect to reflect this change in the order of things. Since while in the physical body, he failed to use his intuitive perception for the direction and control of his life, but used solely the intellect, it was then bound to be the case that the intellect would grow stronger and stronger and his ability to perceive and recognise  his intuition would grow weaker and weaker.

The Law of adaptation, which everyone now knows about sets in, leading to the great enlargement of his frontal brain, which is the seat of the intellect. This great enlargement, achieved at the cost of the intuition, became the stamp and characteristic of this humanity. 

It then followed that in the course of further evolution of the human body over thousands of years, this characteristic of the big frontal brain stamped itself as normal for all human beings. We must realise that the law of adaptation applies to all species, including the human race. We have indeed observed this to be right for animals, but we must apply the same law also to ourselves. We have seen birds which can no longer fly because their wings degenerated due to lack of use.

Since all human beings had taken part in making this decision and since this big frontal brain had now stamped itself as characteristic of the human species, it then follows that every child that is born inherits this big frontal brain as a fundamental characteristic of its species. Therefore, every human spirit that comes to this earth must accept this distorted brain as a mark of the human race.

The fact of the distortion is the sin. We have all sinned against the great ordinance of God by daring to distort the tool given to us for our advancement. Furthermore, with this kind of brain, there is every danger of falling into sin because that which was meant to guide us against it,  the intuitive perception and its associated physical counterpart, the cerebellum, lies immured and pitifully undeveloped.

Therefore, inherited sin is the physical inheritance of a distorted brain, which if left unchecked will now lead to real sin because the full activity of the unchecked intellect always draws away from God. This is the great hereditary enemy that lies within every man, ready to ruin him and indeed it will if left unchecked.

Therefore, there could not have been anything like the widely held belief of the inheritance of real sin from an Adam. The distorted physical brain leads to a great tendency to sin, nothing more. This does not eliminate our responsibility as individuals to use our free wills for the good.

How then do we eliminate hereditary sin? By gaining spiritual knowledge and by starting to do what we had neglected to do for thousands of years. By paying more attention to spiritual things. Gaining the knowledge that indeed within each human being is a spiritual essence that is meant to make itself felt on earth. Knowing that our greatest guilt has lain in the acknowledging a perishable tool (the intellect) and the raising it above life itself. There is no other way out. It is spiritual knowledge that will set us free.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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