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The Left Brain, Right Brain Problem

This expression has probably derived from the sensing that man is actually more capable than what he presently is. It is widely believed that man is as he is today because he is incapable of using both hemispheres of the brain. It is believed that if he was capable of using both hemispheres equally he would be immensely gifted and beyond the common and ordinary.

The intuitive perception is indeed correct that man is actually not as talented or as complete as he should be and the perception that it has to do with the brain is also absolutely correct.

However, the inadequacies we find in man of today has nothing to do with either hemispheres of the brain, but with his inability to use a very important part of the brain called the cerebellum. Until man learns to use this part of the brain, he will never be complete and be the man that he should be as God, his Creator ordained.

It will be impossible to unlock the potential that lies in man until he uses this part of his brain. This part is called the back brain, whereas its counterpart is the forebrain or the cerebrum. The latter is the seat of the intellect, whereas the back brain or cerebellum is the mediator for the intuition, which is the tool of the spirit.

Working together, these two parts were meant to make man into the complete being that he should be. A being capable of receiving from the spirit through the back brain, which in turn sends what it receives to the forebrain for action on earth. This way, we bring spirituality into our environment, ennobling everything that we come across. We will be able to receive great revelations from the spiritual world, allowing the spiritual to take root on earth, thereby bringing peace and happiness.

This never happened, however, because we never learnt how to use our back brains. We never allowed it to develop in such a way as to be able to work harmoniously with our fore brains. This prevented the possibility of transmission of spiritual works through the back brain to the fore brain for realisation on earth. Therefore spiritual works were and are still hardly to be found on earth.

Instead of spiritual works what we have are intellectual works because we have come to rely only on the intellectual part of our brains for everything. We neglected to develop the spiritual part of our brain, hence the lack of any spiritual works among mankind of today. A complete human being who has developed both parts of the brain is in a position to achieve many times more than the intellectual man of today because he has far more abilities and can see into greater expanses than the intellectual man.

Today unfortunately, man is completely subjected to the intellect that he is unable to achieve even a minute fraction of what he could achieve if he had followed the right road. We read many articles today of the great achievements and technologies that led to the building of pyramids and some of us have often wondered how it was possible that those supposedly backward people could achieve such great feats. We assume that present day man was the first to attain to civilisation and that it has progressed in a straight line up until the present time.

What we forget to take into consideration is that these bygone generations still possessed that which made them more complete as human beings compared to the man of today. They still had not subjected themselves completely to the intellect and were still able to use their back brains to receive from the spiritual heights, hence their ability to achieve what to us is virtually impossible. They were still able to receive advanced knowledge through their connections to the spirit with their developed back brains.

This is therefore the secret of those ancient civilisations: they still possessed a functioning cerebellum which allowed them to receive great knowledge from creation as a whole. This is utterly impossible for the man of today because his cerebellum is so stunted that it is actually impossible to awaken it any longer. Events must be allowed to take their course until a new generation emerges which through trust in God will never allow itself to be distorted through arrogance, vanity and conceit.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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