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Lucifer’s tool – the mastery of the intellect

Lucifer tempted the couple in the Garden of Eden to eat from the tree of knowledge or better said to eat from the tree of self-regard and self-appreciation, of arrogance and disregard for others. It is a misnomer to call this event “eating from the tree of knowledge” because what it led to was absolute ignorance. Ignorance of what we are, who we actually are and what the purpose of life is. It is a pity. For want of a better word from the writer of the Book of Genesis, this unfortunate word “knowledge” was used as if to state that what was actually done by the couple was a good thing and that they were previously living in ignorance.

This event is rightly called the “Fall of Man” because with this decision to eat from the so-called tree of knowledge and as such follow Lucifer’s promptings and disregard the Voice of God, man fell from his previous height and estate. He relinquished all the rights associated with his previous height and privilege and estate and became something else. A creature with no rights, lost and estranged.

With this decision to ignore the Voice of God, he chose Lucifer as his master together with what he was offering. God offered spiritual life and everlasting bliss whereas Lucifer offered the intellect – a false light with all its limitations. God offered knowledge and understanding of not just the material part of Creation but of all Creation while Lucifer offered only the understanding of the earth which is a very minute part of the whole of Creation.

God offered the mastery of the spirit while Lucifer offered the mastery of the intellect. The contrast between these two cannot be more stark. The mastery of the spirit offered the knowledge of the Laws of God and the ability to obey and adjust to these Laws leading to a blameless earthly existence while the mastery of the intellect closed off the knowledge to such an understanding leading to sin and murder and all that we see before us today.

God and the spiritual stand above all that is material and as such the intellect which is born of the material is not endowed with the capacity to understand God and the spiritual. This should be obvious to anyone who thinks a little about these matters. Earthly intellectual studies which is manifested though the mastery of the intellect can never bring us closer to God because the nature of the intellect is earthly and material whereas the Nature of God is Divine and completely removed from the earthly.

Therefore the mastery of the intellect will never lead to an understanding of God and the spiritual which is really the only knowledge that matters. All else falls into dust once we leave this earth at our transition and earthly death.

In his warfare against God, Lucifer induced us to accept the mastery of the intellect over the mastery of the spirit. In doing so he tempted us to accept the opposite of what God truly wants, making us earthbound and preventing us from being able to look upwards spiritually with a free gaze. In mastering the intellect, it is impossible for us to understand the things that are spiritual because the nature of the tool that we had subjected ourselves to (the intellect) is not endowed with the capacity to understand God.

It was the only way that Lucifer could keep us subjugated and subservient to him. That is his weapon against the establishment of a God-willed order. Through the mastery of the intellect we could easily be manipulated to serve him and his purpose because we could no longer understand the spiritual. Because of our lack of understanding of the spiritual we easily reject it as unreal and fantastic, thereby falling further into the trap that Lucifer has laid for us.

This is therefore the reason for the rejection of virtually all the true Prophets of God and even the rejection and crucifixion of the Son of God, Jesus. Our lack of spiritual understanding and our subservience to Lucifer through our acceptance of the mastery of the intellect over the mastery of the spirit made it easy for him to call on us and use us as tools for his warfare against God. We are therefore accomplices in all that Lucifer has tried to do to prevent the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.

A free human spirit who has followed the other path of the mastery of the spirit can never be a servant of Lucifer nor succumb to him because he sees far beyond this earth and knows what really happens in this Creation. He knows the purpose of life. Because of his wider vision, he is happy and content and can lead a blameless earthly life easily following the Laws of God which he understands without any difficulty.

We should therefore be wary of relying solely on the intellect especially in matters where it is obviously inadequate. We should trust in our spirits instead and we will surely find the way that has been closed to us for many thousands of years. The way that leads to God and His Kingdom.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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