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It is all about memory

How much we take pride in our ability to reason and deduct, not realising that just in this lies the greatest evidence of the decline of man. It is such a shame. It is all about memory!!! This is all that really needs to be said. When in Revelations 2:5 it is said, “…Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works…”, we are being commanded to go back to being what we used to be. We are being commanded to be the human beings that we were in millennia past when we still lived in the Laws of God and according to the blueprint laid out for human spiritual development.

This blueprint clearly indicates how men should have evolved. In the first place we are spiritual beings whose origin lie in the spiritual realm. As such we are supposed to be able to maintain our connection with this realm, our home. From there we should be in a position to receive direction as to how we are to live our lives on earth. In essence the spirits that we have within us which is our core should be able to work in such a way as to be in a position to communicate with its origin. This communication with its origin should take place through the implement called the intuition, something which all us are more or less familiar with. 

This is then the role and the duty of an active spirit while it inhabits the physical body on earth. It should be active and be able to communicate freely with the unseen surroundings and with its origin. In this way it is able to receive directions as to the way it should live its life on earth.

This was actually the case with early man. He lived with complete accord with his natural surroundings and as such was afforded technologies which far surpassed what is available at the present time.

Mankind at that time lived with their intuitions and as such their societies were perfect, with no conflicts, no sin and no suffering. They were one with nature and understood their natural environment. Mankind at that time relied on their intuition and its physical counterpart or tool, the cerebellum. We lived mostly through pictures and memory without any of the deduction and scheming which has come to characterise modern man.

It is therefore all about our brains and the way we have evolved this implement. We have since strayed away from being human beings who depended on their cerebellums (back brain) to human beings who depend absolutely on their cerebrums (intellectual brain). We have evolved from using the intuitional brain to using the intellectual brain. Therein lies the greatest difference between early man and modern man. Therein lies the greatest difference between spiritual success and spiritual failure. Therein lies the greatest difference between real technological success and the failure we see around us today where greed rules. Therein lies the greatest difference between creatures who are pleasing to God and those who are not.

It is therefore all about the cerebellum which is the only tool that has the capacity to retain experiences and store them as pictures. It is also the basis for strong memory and following the blueprint as ordained by our Creator. With memory, we retain all our experiences and all the pictures shown to us from our spiritual home (the spiritual realm) and transfer that knowledge as applicable to our lives on earth. A strong cerebellum is able to communicate with the intuition and as such is able to receive instructions directly from the spirit and retain it and subsequently transfer what it receives to the intellectual brain for action on earth. 

With a functioning cerebellum we are able to fashion our surroundings according to the Will of God because we are in a position to receive directly through our spirits the knowledge from the spiritual heights. We receive it and retain it, something which is utterly impossible for modern man because the non-functioning cerebellum is too weak to retain as pictures whatever it is still able to receive from the spirit.

At the present time with the decline of the cerebellum, man is no longer able to receive anything from the spirit. The cerebellum is no longer in a position to retain anything or for that matter pass anything to the frontal brain. Memory has therefore degenerated. It became so when we decided to use only deduction for everything. This strengthened the intellectual brain enormously while weakening the picture or intuitional brain.

Men used to be able to remember everything and bring it to personal application in their earthly lives. Men lived by experience and in fact this is the only way for the human spirit. He is created as a being who was to be shaped through experience and not through deduction only. A strong memory allows him to retain everything he has experienced so to speak so that he is able to use it for his daily life so that he does not continually repeat the same mistake, a characteristic that unfortunately all too often define modern man.

Because of the degeneration of memory we often do not retain memories of our experiences as vivid pictures and hold them within us as strongly as we should and we are often condemned to repeating the same mistakes over and over again. We keep following the same wrong road because due to a lack of strong memory we often appear as if we have not learned anything in spite of the many experiences we go through.

The work of the cerebellum is therefore manifold and it involves the ability to receive from the spirit and transmit what it receives to the frontal brain for action on earth. In this way the human spirit is able to make itself felt on earth. The activity of the human spirit manifest on earth through this. There is no other way for the human spirit to act. What we see today, however, are the works of intellectual man and not of spiritual man because the spirit in man can no longer be heard because the bridge through which he is supposed to act towards the outside has been irretrievably damaged through the weakened cerebellum and excessive growth of the frontal intellectual brain.

Our earthly experiences which are referred to as impressions from the outside are meant to be collected through the frontal intellectual brain and passed on to the cerebellum for onward transmission to the spirit. But because it is so excessively developed the frontal brain does not pass on these experiences as purely as it should and the cerebellum does not receive as purely either because it is so weak.

The frontal brain through being excessively developed holds on to the outward experiences and analyses them excessively and does not pass them on purely to the cerebellum so that this can in turn pass it on to the spirit.

As a result the experiences from outside do no not really penetrate to the spirit as they should. The consequence of this is that the spirit does not mature as it should and is retarded in its development. He does not learn from his experiences as he should learn and as ordained that he should by the Creator. He therefore through this makes the same mistake over and over again. This is the reason why with mankind history always repeats itself. We make the same mistakes over and over and over. Our past experiences have not truly penetrated due to the reasons stated above.

This downward path can only be reversed by “…doing the first works…” that is, strengthening the cerebellum once more and becoming what we were made to be: intuitional creatures with a strong cerebellum able to retain memories of previous experience and able to receive undimmed images and instructions from our home the spiritual realm and transferring this as living applicable experiences to our lives on earth. We then become men as the Creator wants us to be and nothing more.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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