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No real change in human behaviour

We say all the time that human beings have made great progress. That we have made great strides in all the spheres of our lives. However, all we have managed to accomplish so far is to separate the spiritual from the state. Legality is then what rules in place of conscience. We have indeed progressed technologically but even this can be challenged since the kind of knowledge that led to the building of the pyramids is lost to the mankind of today. 

One consequence of living only a legal life is that it is doubtful whether we have changed at all in our basic intuitive perceptions or what most people will call basic instincts. It is quite possible that if suddenly there was anarchy and there was no rule of law anymore, most people will simply act out their raw instincts. It is the earthly legal law that still keeps them in check. 

The implications of this are immense, because what it simply means is that if one could get away with it in the earthly sense, we would probably get rid of that annoying neighbour or do all sorts of things as they occur to us. This is the real reason behind looting and so much else when suddenly, temporarily, there is no earthly rule of law. 

This goes to prove that as we are at the moment we have not progressed at all, or perhaps very little as human beings because technological and scientific progress count for nothing when it comes to real progress for the human being. We should have matured in those things that really matter, the spirit. It is the maturity in spirit that will prevent human beings from acting out their raw instincts as it manifests at the moment because then these instincts will be different. Spiritual maturity would have adjusted these instincts to that of love for our neighbours. There would then be no need for earthly law to enforce anything because automatically through the rule of the spirit, there would be no crime.

What should keep us in check from acting out those raw or criminal propensities is the knowledge of the Laws of God which permits of no escape from the consequences of our actions. We may be able to escape earthly justice as meted out by earthly law, but we will never be able to escape the spiritual laws. This knowledge and the awareness of the inescapability of the Justice of God is what should keep us back from the brink. This knowledge and awareness alone will be enough to eliminate any crime because we know that the consequences will hit us and that no amount of cunning can lead to any escape.

This awareness will then lead to the emergence of human beings who through knowledge of the strictness and immutability of the Laws of God voluntarily adjust themselves to these Laws. The Laws of God therefore will then also be our earthly laws. We will then rewrite our earthly laws so that they accord completely with the Laws of God.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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