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The obstacle to the spiritual ascent of mankind: the intellect

Spiritual ascent means to rise towards the Luminous Heights through the use of the God-given abilities lying within each and every one of us. We have been given abilities which allow us to achieve this naturally without any form of difficulty. These abilities allow us to be able to understand and grasp the Will of God which alone guarantees this ascent. These our abilities allow us to understand the Laws of God making it easy for us to adhere to them thereby making ascent towards God a natural happening. 

Through our natural understanding of the Laws of God it is then easier to adjust our earthly lives, bringing happiness and contentment and undreamt-of joy of existence. Through our adherence to the Laws of God it is then much easier to complete our development and return to Paradise whence we came without getting entangled in the material. We reach the Luminous Heights much quicker without any burdens or suffering. Since we know the Laws of God we are not in any danger of going against these Laws and since there is nothing within us that is unnatural it is much easier to adhere to these Laws.

This is how things should have developed. Things have turned out differently because we have cultivated the unnatural within us which makes it impossible to understand the Laws of God. This unnatural tendency within us has pushed aside what is normal and now reigns supreme. It completely dominates us and has made us forget our task which is to develop ourselves in a spiritual way and make our way back to whence we came – Paradise. This unnatural tendency within us has given us a different goal which is totally different from that which God initially ordained. 

Our goal in life was to gain experiences on earth and mature through those experiences using the material world and all in it as a means to an end and a tool. As things are today, we have come to consider the material world as a goal in itself and as an end. As a result we have become caught in the material world and we are no longer able to free ourselves from it on our own accord. We now consider the material world as our final destination and home whereas our final destination is far more beautiful than what the material world could ever be.

We forgot about our origin and home all because we have pushed aside that tool which was to be a reminder of our origin. We pushed aside our spirits and intuition and substituted it with the intellect, which is of material substance. We, as human spirits who originated in the highest part of Creation have now become such that we regard what is lowest (the material world) as the most important and cling to it, whereas we could have had what is the highest in this Creation – our original home Paradise.

In cultivating the intellect and regarding it as of paramount importance we gave up our spiritual strength and abilities and instead came to rely on that which is the lowest and the most narrow in Creation to be our guide. Utter disaster is the result. We will then never be able to find our way out of the material world because the intellect, being of matter can never lead us out of the material world. Even with the greatest seeking volition we will never be able to find God or our way back home to Paradise as long as we still continue to rely on the intellect which is of material origin. It has nothing else to give. 

If we want to ascend and find our way back to God then we will have to rely on that which has been endowed with the ability to take us all the way. It must be a tool which is homogenous with the spiritual. This is our intuitive perception which is a tool of the spirit. Only this can guide us back to the Paradise we all long for.

The overdeveloped intellect therefore when placed in a position that it should not occupy is then the obstacle to spiritual ascent for those who have made it their goal to strive towards Paradise. It is simply the wrong tool in the wrong place. It will simply keep us roaming around in the material world since it has nothing else to offer. It has no possibility of showing us the way out of the material world into the spiritual world. 

Therein lies the danger that when the Call from God comes to us in His Word to free ourselves from our self-imposed limitation, we might not be able to recognise this Word and as a result miss the last opportunity of Salvation. We will then be counted among the foolish virgins who have not kept the oil in their lamps replenished, thereby facing rejection and eternal damnation. Therefore the warning the keep our spirits and intuitions alive is not an empty one but a serious admonition which if not heeded could have disastrous consequences. 

Let us hope that we will all be able to develop the strength to conquer the evil within, overthrowing the domination of the intellect and restoring the spirit to the height that it rightfully belongs.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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