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Unable to unfold the spirit

The curse of the overemphasised sexual instinct! The fact that women do not play the role that they should play in Creation have brought about this scourge. The scourge of the inability of men to unfold their spirits.

Since women have induced men to concentrate solely on them, and since they became the centre of man’s whole life, men also did not find anything wrong in this as long as women surrender themselves physically to him for the fulfilment of his ever-growing sexual appetite, which today has grown to such proportions that he is now completely ruled by it. Therefore, the picture we have before us is that of mutual subjugation, mutual slavery. 

The woman is enslaved to the man because she actually has no choice but to submit to the man’s over cultivated sexual demands and even intentionally exploits it, while the man himself is enslaved to this instinct and is utterly unable to do anything about it. Through his subjugation to the sexual instinct, his finer inner spiritual qualities could never develop. His base thoughts and actions in connection with all these will never allow his abilities to blossom forth.

He must have noticed within himself that whenever he allows the sexual urge or lust to have its way, it blocks the finer intuitive perceptions that may be arising within him. Sexual lust immediately suppresses the spirit.

Women too, through the wilful cutting off of themselves from the Light-streams no longer stand in that place that they really should be, but preferred the vanity brought about through the attention paid to them by man could also never really unfold their own spirits either. They have exploited their innate charm which was meant to keep the longing for the Luminous Heights awake in all people for base ends. They exploited it for earthly purposes, for the purposes of directing attention solely to themselves.

Instead of directing the gazes of all men to the Luminous Heights, they directed their gazes onto themselves, thereby brutalising man in the process. Through this man could not really accomplish what he came here to accomplish. He could not really unfold his spirit for the accomplishments of those great spiritual deeds which would have transformed the entire material Creation.

This underachievement or non-achievement is actually felt by many men without knowing the real cause of the problem. Their energies have been diverted in completely different directions. Men are also just as guilty as women because they allowed themselves to be ruled by the sexual instinct. He voluntarily accepted the road that woman was leading him into without really questioning this since he found pleasure in what was being offered (women’s physical bodies).

All he had to do was resist this and women also would probably have been brought back into line to stand in that place that she must. Because he failed to help woman when she faced her most difficult challenge of temptation, but even encouraged her further because he wanted to satisfy his lust, then he is just as guilty as her and has contributed his own share to the downfall of mankind.

There are cases, however, where men tried to help but women insisted on taking the road that they had decided upon. In fact, the vast majority put their self-will before anything else and therefore have to bear the major share of blame in this decline. They preferred the attention paid to them in social gatherings than the honest priestesses which the abilities that God gave them should have turned them into. 

We should therefore beware of unbridled sexual lust. It acts against the spirit and will never allow our spirits to unfold. It actually keeps the spirit buried. The Darkness is well aware of this consequence and as such it is this very centre in the Beyond that is forever roused to ever greater activity and is one of the largest and most active. If we continually yield to this temptation, our roads towards the Luminous Heights will be very long and difficult indeed.

Therefore all those who wish to awaken their spirits will do well to keep their sexual lust in check.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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