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When we die where do we go?

The question of where we go when we die rests entirely on how we have lived our lives on earth. It depends entirely on the kind of person we are and our characteristics and our striving. Broadly speaking, because this question can only be tackled in this way, if we have been simple good-natured human beings who have striven to obey the Laws of God then we will find ourselves in a place that corresponds to our nature and striving.

A place where we find similar human beings of the same nature as ours who aspire for the Light of God. Needless to say that in such a place only joy and bliss exist and no suffering because whatever aspires to the Light and whatever is of the Light knows no suffering.

On the other hand, if we have been materialistic in our attitudes and striving, relegating spirituality to the background and even worse, becoming evil-minded in doing so, then we will also at our earthly death be drawn to places where there are similar human spirits, and needless to say that such a place will correspond exactly to the attitude of those who find themselves there.

Being human spirits who shun the Light and who have never made the effort while on earth to strive for the purity of the Luminous Heights, the environment likewise will be dark and gloomy where only suffering reigns supreme. This happening is so natural and depends entirely on the attitudes of the concerned human spirits. We are masters of our own fates and absolutely so since our inner attitudes determine the nature of the environments we find ourselves at our earthly death.

The great Creation’s Law of Spiritual Gravity takes effect in that the more materialist or the more evil we are, then the darker and heavier will be our spiritual bodies and as such the lower, the heavier and the darker the environment we find ourselves since this environment must correspond exactly to our nature which determines our spiritual weight.

According to the Law, evil minded and materialist human spirits are darker, heavier and as such must sink to regions in the Beyond which correspond to their weight level. On the other hand, good human spirits who have always striven for Light and Truth through the nature of their activities will correspondingly be lighter and as such be attracted to lighter regions corresponding to their weight.

Another great law takes effect here which is the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species which stipulates that wherever we find ourselves in the great Beyond after our earthly death we also find human spirits of similar natures to ours because our similar natures have attracted all of us to a similar place whereby we have mutual experiences.

If we are good people then the experiences will be that of noble kinship and joyful existence but if we are evil then the experiences will correspond to the nature of the prevailing evil in that region we find ourselves; thus we have in the great Beyond a place for murderers, thieves and so on. It will be a place where only such type of people exist and live, carrying out their inner urges to the fullest extent without any form of restraint. It is not hard to imagine what a place like that must be like.

Such a dark place where only suffering reigns supreme is the so-called Hell of the Christian churches because life indeed in those regions is truly hellish more so than can be imagined by any man on earth today. The magnitude of the suffering that exists in such places is better left and consigned to the realms of our worst nightmares. If we could imagine our worst nightmares and then multiply that a thousand-fold then maybe that probably gives a little bit of an idea of what is in store for us if we do not change spiritually for the better. Then imagine being in that environment for decades, centuries and even for thousands of years, until finally we are found unworthy to continue to exist, eventually forfeiting our personalities, destroyed.

The call for our spiritual enlightenment and the change for the better could not be more urgent for which the Almighty God has already done everything that could be done for our salvation. It is now up to us to seek that which God has once more provided in His Word for our spiritual emancipation and salvation.

It must be emphasized here though that the question of being good human beings must be as seen and judged by God and not as we imagine it.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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