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Avoidant Personality Disorder

(Inferiority Complex)

This is a disorder characterised by a feeling of inferiority to others, a feeling of inadequacy, low self-esteem and so on. They are often regarded by others as being shy, timid and quiet. They themselves feel inhibited and unable to really fully socialise.

They are unable to assert themselves  and are often afraid of being criticised. This fear of criticism often leads them to avoid situations where there will be personal contacts with others because they fear their inadequacy will be detected and criticised.

The most important personal characteristic which these patients feel is pressure. This pressure makes it difficult for them to come out of their shells and fully assert themselves. This is actually a spiritual pressure that prevents a full unfolding of their spirits. 

There are two reasons for this pressure. Firstly, it could be due to a wrong or false or inadequate radiation of their blood, thereby not giving them the tool that they need for a full unfolding of their spirits. Secondly, it may be due to their unwillingness to make the requisite effort to assert themselves (spiritual indolence or laziness or weakness).

In the latter case, external help as such will not help because more often than not these patients can feel quite comfortable with the pressure and become used to it. The advice really is that this pressure can be lifted off and they can fully function as members of society if they are ready to make the inner effort required to change and begin to assert themselves. It will not be easy at first but they must persist in this.

They have to be able to dig deep and rouse their spirits. They have to make the effort to assert themselves and gradually all the anxiety that they feel will disappear. For the former, a change in the blood radiation will help.

What they will probably need is to try a change in their diets to something more natural and also to reduce the stress in their lives. They should try and bring about a balance in everything and they will begin to see their volitions improve and are able to function.

In bringing about a balance in all spheres of their lives, whether in diet, exercise and all else, they restore harmony between body and spirit. The most important factor will be the diet which changes the blood radiation to something suitable. They will then begin to blossom forth.

The pressure that they had felt in years will then gradually be lifted. They will also be well-advised to direct their volitions to the good. All these then form a well-rounded therapeutic measure for them.

It is also very important for them to try and avoid the fear and anxiety that they feel. This can only make matters worse. A strong cheerful volition is a strong antidote to fear. They must be able to block off the fear, but not with their intellects but through the rousing of their spirits.

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