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Fear, Panic disorder and Agoraphobia

Fear are forms of our intuitive perceptions or our thoughts which have taken on form and go about to work independently on their environment. They proceed from fearful persons who have given these forms their being. They also form clusters in medium and fine gross material spheres of the Beyond. From these centres, they influence fearful persons or their authors to produce more of them. 

On earth, these forms not only influence their authors to continue to produce more of the same but they also attach themselves to other like-minded individuals inducing these to do the same. The fear in all these people increase and more of the forms are produced. They also affect people with weak defences with similar effects.

There are two main general psychiatric disorders where fear play a major role: Panic disorder and Agoraphobia. There are of course specific phobias. Panic disorder is characterised by the sudden development of intense fear for which the patient has no explanation and no source. He feels a sudden severe rush of fear and anxiety for no apparent reason, associated with sweating, palpitations, increased heart rate, trembling and sometimes chest pain. This panic disorder may or may not be associated with agoraphobia. Here we are concerned only with the pure forms of these disorders.

Agoraphobia, which is the fear of being left alone and unaccompanied in the public where there may be no easy escape or where help may not be easily available more often than not has a source or a reason behind the fear. If it is not associated with panic disorder (unexplained fear and anxiety), it is then mostly due to the patients’ fear of developing a debilitating symptom in a place where there is no familiar face around. This fear then keeps them housebound and disrupts their daily lives.

We must note here the differences. In panic disorder, there is apparently no initiating cause, here all we have are spontaneous attacks of fear and anxiety for which the patient has no explanation, even though this subsequently leads to anxiety or fear of having another panic attack which then leads to a vicious cycle. In agoraphobia without associated panic disorder, there is more often than not a reason for the fear of going into the public.

Let us consider panic disorder first. There are two main reasons for the rush of fear and anxiety: firstly, these patients are attached to fear forms or centres which as these forms ripen must at a definite point be returned to them as fruits of their own activity. In other words, they had previously produced these forms and as such are attached to these fear centres. When the time comes, their forms must be returned to them to experience. These forms may have been produced in a previous earth life. It makes no difference. They then feel these forms rushing at them through the connection that they have with these forms.

These forms then, according to their nature stimulate corresponding feelings in these people. They feel fear and terror for no apparent reason. Knowledge of the mechanism will help them to realise that these forms are nothing but their own forms which with inner calmness will soon wear off. A persistent volition and the sending of a prayer of help to the Luminous Heights will give them the strength that they need as protection against these forms.

Ignorance of these mechanisms, however, brings on the thought that perhaps one is going crazy, which increases the anxiety the more, making the situation worse. The patient then enters a vicious cycle which is very difficult to break.

The second reason for panic disorder is that those with weak defences may be attacked by these phantoms or forms, attaching to them and eliciting the fear response. These them start producing these same fear forms and develop the symptoms just like the first example. Whatever the cause, we must be able to set our spiritual intuitive volitions free in prayer. This constant volition for the good and pure will form a protection against these forms. We must make sure that we do not respond to the prompting of these forms. We must try not to allow these forms to elicit their typical response which usually make matters worse. This way, we will be able to overcome this problem.

In agoraphobia, the situation is a bit more difficult. For example, if a patient feels dizzy all the time or sometimes unexpectedly, then it could be the fear of becoming dizzy somewhere in public where they may be no help that leads to this fear. The initiating factor must be dealt with. The other factor is that because they actually consciously initiated the fear, it is more difficult to treat. But like in the case above the main factor of fear must be done away with.

In the same way, these patients produce fear forms which grow luxuriantly and act retroactively on them, making them to become even more fearful. Just as with panic disorder, they can easily enter into a vicious cycle. They must first work to get rid of the fear through a perfect trust in God. This volition protects them and they suddenly do not feel fearful anymore. They can then venture to go out without any assistance. Whatever then happens after that is a bonus.

What we all have to realise is that nothing approaches us unless we had previously given cause for it. Nothing also comes “out of the blue” without an origin or a cause. It is this responsibility that we must all be aware of. We must then be brave enough to acknowledge the roles we play in all these and change ourselves.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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