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Personality disorders


The origin of the personality does not lie in the brain as is generally believed. If we give it a little thought we will arrive at this conclusion ourselves. The origin of the personality lies in the spirit. In the way that each individual has chosen to develop himself through the use of his free will.

As man approaches the state of self-consciousness, he is given the free will, which is inherent in his spirit in order for him to be able to choose how he wants to develop himself. The virtues which constitutes his personality are inherent in his spirit and he is meant to use his free will to attract homogenous currents within Creation for the stimulation of these abilities.

However, with the emergence of Lucifer, other currents were introduced into Creation which were not originally there and with the domination of the intellect, we now neglected or refused to use our free wills for the attraction of the original pure radiation-currents to ourselves. We now attracted these new evil currents introduced by Lucifer.

Through the normal way, the development of our abilities and personalities would have followed those lines willed by God. As it is however, we failed to use our spirits and instead over-cultivated our intellects and came to regard it as of paramount importance and the most valuable in our lives. Most of us even came to assume that the human being is the brain. Hence the error about the origin of the personality.

The personality, as mentioned above stems from the spirit and it is the product of the way each individual has chosen to develop himself or herself. This then explains why there can never be inheritance of personalities, which is a theory that is widely bandied about by science today. The “theory” of  inheritance of personalities, however, if carried to its logical conclusion would throw doubt on the Perfection of God and His Justice, something which is impossible.

The personality therefore is the result of choices made by each individual for himself and it is something which is not inherited from anyone, hence no one can be blamed but the owner of this personality for developing himself in such a way.

It is from this premise that personality disorders can be explained. One important thing must be borne in  mind, however. Each person, through the choices that he makes in the development of his personality, is also attached to homogenous areas in the Beyond by fine threads. These areas continuously influence him and bring like influences to bear upon him. All these interplay of influences then mould him into what he is.

If he is an envious person or a paranoid person, then he produces forms which correspond to the nature of his being. These forms are then attracted to these centres mentioned earlier and from there through the connection that he has to these forms receives back similar energies which continue to influence him in a similar way. He is attached to as many centres as he has qualities.

All these influences radiate their energies back to him and the interplay of all these factors determine who he is and how he behaves. Therefore he becomes an envious person, or a paranoid person or a combination of both and so on and so forth. He is continuously reinforced in this direction by these centres through the connection he has through his own forms.

He is, however, free at any moment to change himself. If he decides that he does not want to be envious or paranoid anymore for example, then he can exercise his will and change for the better. This way he no longer produces more forms of this type and consequently these no longer radiate towards him anymore and gradually the threads that formed his former connection to these centres shrivel away as he no longer provides them with any more energy. He is therefore released and will suddenly discover that he is no longer envious or paranoid, because he is no longer being influenced by that centre and moreover he does not bring forth such feelings anymore from within himself.

The way things are at the moment with human beings, it can be safely assumed that we all have personality disorders! Since we have all distorted our intellects and have not always acted according to the Will of God, then obviously we have not developed ourselves according to His Will.

Hidden within each individual is a reality so scary that we would prefer never to confront it. But this is impossible. No matter how hard we try to hide, we will be forced to confront the reality within ourselves. How we then deal with this reality is left to the individual alone. May he be brave enough to accept it and change himself.


Personality Disorders

There are many personality disorders but we will discuss only one of them and the same conclusions can be drawn more or less for all the others. We must state at the outset that most people, if not all have a mixture of personality characteristics within themselves.



This pattern is characterised by lack of conscience. These people have no regard for the rights of others and will use deceitful means to obtain whatever it is that they want from their victims. They are often aggressive, get into fights and can be destructive.

They are prone to impulsive acts and act without due forethought of the consequences to others of their actions.

Spiritually speaking, people’s actions are a result of what they really are. It then just goes to confirm our discussions of the personality. These people have chosen to be this way and if their parents are the same way, it does not mean that they inherited this trait from their parents. They have only been attracted to these parents through the homogeneity in their characteristics as conditioned by Creation’s Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species.

They have turned their volitions in this direction and are then consequently also being influenced from homogenous areas in the Beyond. Many of these people normally should not have had an opportunity to incarnate on earth because through themselves, they had become spiritually too heavy and dark to be here.

Through mankind’s moral retrogression however, opportunities were given to these souls to rise from their dark realms to the level of this earth where it is then easy for them to incarnate. This way, they get an opportunity to burden themselves with more guilt, something which they would not readily have been able to do in their realms.

Most correctional institutions are filled with this kind of people as they get caught up with the law very early in life. They, however, can be reformed if the proper principles of the Laws of God are put into use. This is, however, not the subject of discussion today. Sometimes some life experience, good or bad changes them for the better.

In the same way, those who are paranoid, schizoid, histrionic and so on have developed themselves in this way and they have the absolute power to help themselves if they so wish. It is spiritual knowledge which they need and which will help them change. Most people, however, cherish their personalities and do not see anything wrong with themselves. This way, it will be impossible to help these people unless the desire comes from within.

They are the ones to change themselves. Once the ardent wish comes to change, then help will be extended to them by the Light.



Help can only be given if these express the desire to change themselves.

Once the desire is expressed, then they must be educated that it rests only with their volitions to change. They can at any moment change for the better through the power of good volition.

There is nothing wrong in their brains. There are some experiences which may make them change for the better but these experiences can only be brought about through the observation of the Laws of God (correctional reforms).

Psychotherapy sessions can be handled by those with knowledge to try and help with behavioural modification.

Those who have committed serious crimes and are sent to jail should be held under conditions that are meant to truly reform them, otherwise it is of no use. These conditions must take into consideration the homogenous nature of criminals and also the fact that their release from jail depends entirely on themselves.

Those who are really qualified and by this is meant spiritually qualified (those with insight) should regularly reassess those in prisons as to their progress in changing themselves for the better.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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