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Risk Assessment for Schizophrenia: The questions to ask a patient with Schizophrenia


Because the cause of many mental illnesses will not be found in the brain, it is thought necessary to change the nature of the questions that must be asked of these patients to enable one to determine the true nature of their illness and then formulate appropriate therapy. Due to the spiritual nature of many of the illnesses, questions which must now be asked are different from what are normally asked by psychiatrists. Here we consider the questions relevant only to cases of schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorders not due to any organic (physical) brain disease.


History of presenting complaints

History of delusions of whatever nature: persecutory, jealousy and so on. This may relate to the individual’s personality.

History of hallucinations whether visual, auditory, olfactory and so on and the duration of these symptoms obviously.

History of any other symptoms such as the affect and all the other associated symptoms of schizophrenia.


Premorbid states

Age, sex, occupation.

Whether a shy or diffident person which indicates that the spirit feels pressure and is not able to act as it should in the body which might lead to encroachment by another bodiless human spirit.

Presence of stress which might predispose to schizophrenia by breaking down the spiritual defences.

What is his, or her outlook on life. Is he or she a cheerful ebullient individual, which indicates a strong spirit or a cold morose individual which may indicate an individual with no inner warmth. This is a very strong risk factor because what it shows is that this individual has a walled-in spirit, which is weak and can easily be pushed aside by another bodiless spirit in the Beyond.

Whether he or she is a fearful person, which condition usually paralyses the spirit, thereby predisposing to encroachment.

Whether the patient has engaged in occult experimentation or practices including meditations.

Whether the patient has engaged in mediumistic sittings. This procedure may in the same way as the above attract base human spirits who might then take advantage of any weakness found with those at the sitting.

What religion the patient belongs to, for example, cults such as Satanism and such similar cults. These are some cults where evil things are evoked and these become a playground for all sorts of base spirits who may then take advantage and possess some of the participants, manifesting in symptoms of schizophrenia.

Whether involved in terrible wicked acts recently which may have attracted similar base spirits to him.

At what age the patient started having sexual intercourse, which would indicate whether his generative power has been awakened prematurely, thereby exposing him too early to influences from the Beyond before he is fully ready to cope with this.

Whether he is a very intellectual person or whether he believes in a spiritual world at all or whether he is a cold person with little emotion which would indicate a walling off of the spirit. This walling off indicates a weakness which is a strong predisposing factor to schizophrenia.

Whether regularly involved in orgies of either a sexual nature, or in heavy drinking etc. These orgies usually attract similar base souls who may then take advantage of one or more persons in the group.

Any propensities of an evil nature which can attract evil spirits of similar nature to the individual.

Any addictions e.g. cigarette smoking, drug addiction, sexual addiction. All these propensities lead to other spirits in the Beyond attaching themselves to the addicted person and they may encroach into his private space if the opportunity presents itself.

History of shock or fright in recent times which may have paralysed the spirit .

Is the patient depressed?

Of what does his diet consist?


Family history

Is there any family history of mental illness. This mainly serves to indicate that he has a similar tendency to his family and not that he has inherited mental illness from his parents unless of course the cause for this can be found in the brain. But in true schizophrenia, he, like his family members only have the same risk factors that predispose to this condition. In fact, knowing about these risk factors may help the children and other family members work on themselves so as to eliminate these risk factors. For example, if his parents have the avoidant personality type, and if a child is also showing signs of this disorder, he then knows that he must change himself, which automatically eliminates this particular risk factor for developing schizophrenia.


Past medical history

Any history of trauma, whether emotional or physical which might have predisposed the patients to fear or physically weakened them so that they are then no longer able to bring forth the strong will required for the production of the sort of blood radiation that suits them for their spiritual activities. Fear, as mentioned elsewhere is a great enemy of the spirit as it throws it wide open to external influences because its defence mechanisms are then eliminated.


Childhood history

Whether they have been molested emotionally, physically or sexually. This may lead to fear or inadequate development of the personality. It may even lead to avoidant personality problems which is a risk factor.

Whether as a child he lived in an atmosphere of fear of one parent or the other where he was not allowed to express himself. This is important as it can lead to the development of an avoidant personality or the development of a fearful person, both risk factors for schizophrenia.

Has there been an early onset of sexual intercourse. As mentioned above this removes the protection that children enjoy which normally prevents the approach of souls from the Beyond. Early onset of sexual intercourse removes this protection by awakening the generative power too soon which then allows whoever is waiting in the Beyond, whether friend or foe to approach.

Any wicked acts committed as a child also has the effect of removing the protection that children enjoy spiritually.


Drug history

Drug abuse in a patient, which may lead to disrupting his brain and also robbing him of his natural defences through a weakness of the spirit that this abuse brings about. At the same time similar spirits in the Beyond who share his addiction may attach themselves to him and they may manifest if the opportunity arises.

History of drug abuse in parents especially the mother while pregnant. This can lead to organic brain syndromes predisposing to schizophrenia.

Anyone who is affected by this condition should ask himself these questions which will reveal the various risk factors for the disease. In this way, he will then be able to help himself by eliminating these factors.

It is hoped that the application of the principles mentioned here will lead to the prevention and even the amelioration of many of the symptoms of schizophrenia, allowing these patients to live a productive life.


Please note that this article is to be read in conjunction those on Schizophrenia and Dissociative disorders.

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