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Diverted from the simple path

When God created us, it was clear that just like all other things our development should be natural and occur as a matter of course. It was implicit in the nature of things that we were meant to grow naturally and mature into the perfect spiritual beings which is our destiny. Having established this fact in our minds, then look at what we have become today. Look at how we are. Are we not far away from the natural growth which the Laws of God would have ensured?

What then went wrong? Why are our paths so difficult and confused, so much so that with many of us our paths towards the Luminous Heights have become completely obscured. Under the initial perfect harmony through which we came into being, nothing else but simplicity, happiness and harmony would have ensued and our perfect complete development would have been guaranteed, every single one of us.

Now, however, it is a sad story. Suffering upon suffering dog our paths and this was never meant to be so. This was never part of the ordinance of God because in His Creation, suffering is something entirely alien.

The origin of the suffering can certainly be traced to Lucifer since he introduced into Creation ways that were not provided for in the perfect working of the Laws of God. But he did not force our free wills. We were the ones who voluntarily imposed our intellectual self-will into everything and as such lost our way.

All we needed to do was act childlike within Creation and all else would automatically have been given to us for our development, just like every obedient child is loved and cared for by his parents. That is all. All we needed to do was really be like children and nothing more in the Gardens of Creation. As simple, and as happy, and as innocent.

With the domination of the intellect, however, we abandoned the beautiful childlikeness through arrogance. But without childlikeness we can never really achieve anything for our spirits. We must attain to childlikeness. We must be like children in this Creation: simple and law-abiding and pure. There is nothing else for the human spirit.

Now that we find ourselves in this pitiable position: what do we do? We must return to childlikeness if we are to be pleasing to the Creator. We must return to the simple spiritual life which guarantees purity of our thoughts, words and deeds. It is this purity of thoughts, words and deeds that returns to us the childlikeness we have lost.

That is the simple and true path. Therefore, we do not need to do anything extraordinary for us to become pleasing to the Creator. We do not need any form of earthly distinction or eminence, nor do we need to painstaking study what science has to offer, nor do we need to become ascetic or engage in any form of exercises. We should live naturally, with an open heart and honest good will.

Hopefully with this effort, we may once more be granted the grace which we threw away from ourselves a long time ago.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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