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Science and its task

Science and all its many subdivisions has been busy for centuries in attempting to explain the Creation in which we find ourselves. Whether it has succeeded in this is left to the judgment of each individual. In these matters it is best for each individual to be allowed that independent perceiving which alone leads to conviction.

The task of science and its many branches is to try and explain Creation and make it more understandable. It really must be able to explain the entire Creation, seen and unseen and be able to examine every single possibility objectively and without blind repudiations which has hitherto been the characteristic of present day science.

Science at the present time denies the existence of what it is unable to explain rather than accepting that it is unable to explain it. It repudiates and denies the existence of things it is unable to materially categorise and see instead of lifting its gaze higher and expanding its horizon beyond what can be physically seen.

So far it has limited itself only to investigating what is of material origin. In this way it has handicapped itself and kept its vision and range very narrow indeed. It should be able to span all the bridges if it truly wishes to fulfil its task as allotted it by the Creator. Science at the moment plays a hypocritical role if it claims that it wants to explain Creation but denies the existence of the origin of this very Creation.

It is not the intention of this article to prove the existence of what is unseen. If anything at all the onus is on the individual to seek the origin of everything, including his own origin. If we fail to do this and are satisfied with existing explanations about our origin and the origin of all that surrounds us then we are no different from the disciples of science as mentioned above who claim to want to explain something but denies the existence of the origin of what they purport to explain.

Science should keep an open mind and not blindly reject as impossible what they cannot explain, then this Creation will unfold before the eyes of everyone and undreamt-of inventions and discoveries will suddenly become common place. 

It is up to us. After all who benefits from these discoveries? The so-called utopia will no longer be a dream once we learn to use the forces of nature in the correct manner. At the present time we have not even begun to scratch the surface of what is achievable and possible to the human spirit. 

We have sacrificed such great spiritual abilities inherent in us for the superficiality and inferior works of the intellect. It is such a shame.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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