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The separation of God from science

Science has indeed placed itself in a position where it relies only on the intellect for its development and further evolution. Science by definition should be an endeavour to try and explain the natural environment, including also the nature of man, the nature of the Creations and so on.

It is meant to be in a position to dig into the mysteries of life and explain it to us, bringing it closer to the understanding of the common man. This presupposes that not only must it rely on the intellect but more importantly on that which lies higher – the Spirit. 

The intellect is derived from the earth, which is the lowest realm in the entire Creation. Being of earthly origin, it will be quite naturally impossible for it to understand anything that goes beyond this limit. Since man is of spiritual origin, it will also quite naturally be impossible to expect the intellect to understand the nature of man, or of the spiritual in general or of the Nature of God.

The intellect understands only that which moves within the earthly division of time and space. Whatever goes beyond this division, it will as a natural consequence fail to understand, and this is just that which is inseparably linked to the Godhead and the spiritual origin of man.

Just because science relies solely on the intellect for everything as was pointed out above, consequently, it is also subject to the limitations to which the intellect is subject. It will never be able to explain the nature of man, the Creations and more importantly the Nature of God and our relationship to Him.

It will have to rely on something higher if it has any hope of explaining these mysteries which indeed until now have not been fully explained by science. It will have to rely on Spirit. Science has access to spirit since every man bears within himself a spark out of the spiritual and is himself of spiritual origin.

All that science needs to do then is use a tool that is buried deeply within every man. That way, the way will be opened to it and it would not always have to crawl along the ground in the hope that by so doing it might find a way to the beginning of Creation.

Progress will be impossible until it uses that which it must use. Science will never properly evolve until it learns to look beyond the confines of this earth in its search for the meaning and origin of life. It will not find it in the stars either since these are also a part of the lowest realm of gross material existence.

The origin of all things material go far beyond all this, far into areas which are only accessible through the use of the radiation of the intuitive perception which belongs to the spirit. Until it does this, solutions to such common questions as to what is man, what is the earth, and what is gravity will elude it, even though it thinks that it knows the answer to these questions.

Let us all make a start and learn that it is to the spirit that we must turn for everything, no matter how small. In this way, we will have all the solutions to problems which until now have baffled us and which have caused many a suffering.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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