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Wrong concepts about God – God is unjust – He allows suffering and tribulation and injustice to reign in human affairs

This is a well-known saying among mankind who have the audacity to harbour such thoughts and even give expression to them. We human beings are the ones who are unjust to each other and every single happening, every single day goes to testify to this.

All the wars and all evil we find on earth today were created and nourished by men themselves. The wrong application of the free will given to men has led to all this. The various wars of religion has nothing to do with God but everything to do with the ambitions of men who have arrogated positions of power to themselves within these religions. God and religion are not one and the same thing! It is only that the Holy Name of God has been and is still being used for the purposes of furthering the evil purposes of so many men.

Suffering and tribulation are part of the reactions to our evil and wrong way of living. When we refuse to acknowledge spirituality but instead chose for an intellectual life we lose the way of the knowledge that shows exactly how we have to live on this earth. We become ignorant of the Laws of Creation and as such live in such a way that is against these Laws. At some point the flouting of these Laws must exert a revenge. If we break the Laws of Creation then we must expect consequences.

If we break the Laws of Creation through wrong thinking, wrong speech and wrong actions we must expect retribution from Creation as just consequences for our wrong way of living. This is natural and not to be expected otherwise. Because we do not know the Laws of God at all we have therefore been acting in contravention of the Laws ignorantly. But ignorance does not protect from consequences as we all know. We did not have to be ignorant, we could know the Laws if we wanted to. We are therefore wilfully ignorant as we have demonstrated over and over again over millennia our utter refusal to gain spiritual knowledge.

If one man is unjust to the other what has the great Creator to do with that? It is simply the result of man’s injustice to man and the perpetrator would have to face serious consequences resulting from his actions. If something terrible happens to someone then whatever happens is a direct consequence of a previous action by that person, in other words it is a reaction to a previous deed which he has to atone for.

It is the same where a group of people have to undergo a collective evil experience because that group has collectively put something into Creation that must be atoned for. The severity or gravity of the experience whether for an individual or a group depends of the severity of the initial deed. Not a single deed or action will go unaccounted for.

So we can see that all we have are nothing but the reactions to man’s misuse of his free will. We have spent thousands of years living ignorantly of the Laws of God. Is it then surprising that we are guilty of so much wrong? We have never yet listened to any of our spiritual teachers who have been sent to us to explain the Will of God. They have always been persecuted and in some cases even killed.

Man then is responsible for everything evil and wrong on this earth. All the injustices are brought on by man in his quest to be a law onto himself, oppressing and subjugating all before him. Man’s decisions have created the suffering and injustices that we see before us no matter what it is. Our decisions will always be wrong and bring terrible consequences until we learn to know the Laws of Creation and follow them. 

This then is the crux of the matter. We must learn to know the Laws of Creation and follow these Laws otherwise there will be no progress and our sufferings and tribulations will continue.

God is the epitome of justice. He is Justice Himself and will return to us the just consequences of our activities. From this there is no escape. Nobody goes through an unjustified experience. We will always recognise at the end of it all that that experience was indeed necessary. Nothing approaches man without man having first given reason for it either in this earth life or in a previous earth life.

Once we school ourselves in the knowledge of reincarnation then we will cease making the kinds of statements indicated above which only goes to show how ignorant we still all are. All of us have many earth-lives behind us where the origin of the consequences often lie and this knowledge completes the answers to so many questions that it cannot be denied anymore.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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