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Can man live without God?

This is a sad question but considering the perverted world in which we live today it is a question that is often asked and as such needs to be dealt with. The fact that we can even ask this question at all and that there are even those among us who dare to deny or revile God testifies indeed to how far we have drawn away from God and His Will.

It is impossible for any creature to live without God whether that creature acknowledges God or not. No creature is autonomous and thus an island or a law unto himself. At the end of the day he is a creature who was created and as such needs a continuous supply of power for him to continue to exist. Whether he feels this power or not is irrelevant for without it he would not be able to exist for even a billionth of a second.

The spirit of man is sustained by the creative Power of God which is released into the Creations continuously. He takes of this Power and uses it for himself in his thoughts, volitions, actions and words. It is what gives him strength for his activities. He is, however, accountable for the way he uses this Power, whether for good or for evil. We use the Power of God for our activities! It is immaterial whether we acknowledge this Power or not. It is there and is used in manifold ways by every one of us.

Through this it is now clear that indeed without God we would be nothing, unable to live, incapable of any form of activity because there would be no raw material or source of power for our sustenance and activities. This is not even taking into consideration the natural environment in which we find ourselves which has come into being only through the Grace of God.

It is through mankind’s self-imposed distance from the Creator that it is possible at all to live on this earth and not perceive the Power of God. The self-limitation of many of us makes it impossible to recognize what must be obvious to those who are not so limited and as such more open to this Power.

This self-limitation is also the reason why it is possible for many of us to deny the existence of God because our intellects have completely dominated our world view, narrowing our outlook, imprisoning our spirits and making it impossible for it to soar upwards and recognize this Power. It is this lack of spiritual sensitivity and activity that brings about a situation whereby we can ask whether there is a God or not?

In any case as mentioned above it is immaterial to the Creator whether we acknowledge Him or not. He does not live in this material creation but it is every bit material to us whether we acknowledge Him because without His Power we are nothing and in the final end we must be permanently excluded for all eternity from enjoying His blessings if we continue in this way. It is therefore imperative if we do not wish to be lost that we learn to know more about Him and His Will. It is up to us.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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