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Declaration of war against God

When man decided to subject himself to the intellect, he, without knowing it declared a war against the Almighty.

The intellect was given to the human being on earth as a counter-pole to the upwardly striving spirit so that he would not at all times be paying attention only to the spiritual. He was also meant to live on earth and care for his earthly environment. With his gaze always directed upwards, however, he would forget his task on earth and would not really accomplish anything for himself.

For this reason among others, he was given the intellect as a counter-force so that he would also be able to look downwards and learn from the experiences that the earth was to offer, which experiences would help him further in the development of his ego.

The intellect is therefore anti-spiritual. This is its nature. It will always act in a pulling down, always-looking-downwards way. That is the purpose for which it was created. It was meant to be a tool designed solely for this purpose so that man does not neglect the earthly, which he also needs for his development.

There are therefore two tools for the human being on earth: the intellect pulling down and the intuition pulling upwards. In this way, mankind was meant to be complete, being able to judge both matters of an earthly and also of a spiritual nature with competence using the appropriate tool for each examination. He was meant to use the intellect for earthly matters and the intuition for spiritual matters with the spirit leading all the time.

When, however, at a point in his evolution, he decided to ignore the intuition and use only his intellect for all decisions, then he cut off the spirit and became not a spiritual man as he should have been, but intellectual man. He became earthbound because in following the nature of the intellect to which he had now become enslaved, he could only look downwards.

He could no longer look upwards towards the Luminous Heights because he had through his decision decided to subject himself to a tool that lacked the capacity for this. He therefore became anti-spiritual, just like the intellect. Just like the latter he would always oppose the spiritual.

Now since God and all that is spiritual lies outside the earthly concepts of time and space to which the intellect is subject, this tool will never be able to understand the spiritual or God. All human beings therefore who have chosen for the intellect, just like their tool will also never be able to understand God or the spiritual.

It now happens that wherever anything spiritual is being discussed or advocated, these people who have subjected themselves to the intellect will not be able to understand what is being discussed or advocated. They have lost the capacity for this and even with the greatest effort they will not be able to understand spiritual matters, because this requires the use of the implement which they decided against a long time ago.

These intellectuals, because the intellect is also earthly become well-grounded on earth. In fact, they call all that is earthly their own. They become very powerful here because here on earth they are on a soil that they can call their own. There are, however, a minority of human beings who have developed themselves in a more even manner. These have developed both their intuitions and their intellects and as such are able to also understand spiritual matters which have remain closed to the intellectuals.

These minority, because they have access to something which is closed to the intellectuals become the source of envy of the intellectuals and since these minority are not as well-grounded on earth as the intellectuals, they become victims of these. This is then the reason for all the ridiculous trials that were conducted centuries past. This is also the reason for the long list of martyrs in the history of mankind.

This is also the reason why the prophets that God always sent to enlighten those who had turned away from Him were always molested, tortured or killed. These intellectuals, through their strength here had built up schools according to their own intellectual laws. They had devised religious laws based on their own intellectual thinking.

If therefore someone else came who threatened the structure that they had built up, then they had no other choice but to do away with this person. This person was always deemed dangerous to the status quo and must be eliminated. Besides, this person, with his natural attitudes and his simple explanations always threatened to woo away the masses from them. He was threatening to take away the fruits of their hard labour.

It did not matter if this person was sent by God. As long as he did not come from their ranks and moreover if he was doing things which these intellectuals were not capable of. Envy thereby arises and in the final end leads to persecution and murder.

They did not realise that it was their own specific condition that made it impossible to do what this other person was doing. It was their own closed, perched nature that prevented them from having access to spiritual things.

They did not realise that their subjection to the intellect tears them away from any understanding of God and that they will always oppose Him and His Will because this was the nature of the tool that they now call their master.

Through this they had become sworn enemies of God because they would never be able to act in any other way but the anti-spiritual one because this was what the tool they enslaved themselves to dictated.

It will always be so because this is the specific nature of this tool. Therefore those who subject themselves to it are asking for nothing more than to be enemies of God. By declaring that they are materialists or intellectuals, they are in fact declaring that they are enemies of God. It is then an open declaration of warfare against God.

This is actually so if we look at human history. The way that these people have acted gives proof of this fact. These intellectuals who hold positions of power whether in Church or government have always opposed those sent by God to emancipate mankind from the clutches of the darkness. The uniformity and the regularity with which this happens must indeed begin to make us think that perhaps there is a law guiding this behaviour.

Why are the servants of God always persecuted? And why by representatives of religion and the government of the day? Why is the spiritual always attacked? And why by those who had hitherto pretended to serve the Almighty?

You do not attack the messengers of God unless you are an enemy of God. You do not attack the spiritual unless you are anti-spiritual. Their attacks against the messengers of God is this declaration of warfare against God and His Word. These attacks is the war that they fight against God and our redemption in His Word.

By therefore declaring that only the intellect is of any consequence, the individual thereby brands himself as an enemy of God and will always oppose His Will.

Since Lucifer stands behind the intellect, these people are then Lucifer’s tools in his own warfare against God. These people are then nothing but pawns in the hands of Lucifer who can now call upon them at his whim to oppose the Word of God. This he has always done with the human prophets and this he tried to do with his opposition to the Word of Christ leading eventually to the murder of the Son of God.

We should therefore be doubly watchful and not allow ourselves to declare the intellect as the most important in our lives. We should look beyond it to that which is capable of giving answers to all our questions. We should see to it that we are not considered enemies by God and as such run the risk of being destroyed through the just activities of His Laws.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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