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Disentangling the Word of God from the clinging vines

Jesus, the Son of God gave clear directions in His Teaching. He spent a lot of time teaching us about who we are, and what our relationship to God should be. He showed us what our place in Creation is and how we have to adjust ourselves in order to be pleasing to God.

His Message was quite clear and one would not have thought that this clear Message would have been confused with the event of His crucifixion which is something that stands entirely on its own.

The purpose of Christ’s coming to this earth, it must be emphasised was to do exactly what He did – “teach mankind about the Laws of Creation and how we are to adjust to these Laws” , and nothing more.

The fact that organised religion has turned His Mission into something else has nothing to do with reality. Over centuries all the errors that have been introduced by men has now to pass on to the present time as inviolable truth and as coming from Jesus Himself. 

What we therefore have before us today as the doctrine of Christianity is nothing but the opinions of men in most cases and has nothing to do with the real intentions of Jesus. There seems to be a lack of that independent thought which is so necessary in matters of spiritual purport.

All the prophets that have come after Jesus who have tried in various ways to re-establish what was lost in Jesus’ Teaching have been met with the most vehement opposition and have often failed.

All their attempts at disentangling the Word of the Master from the various additions have all but met with failure and persecution and in some cases the most severe suffering and even death. As a result the great magnetic lustre present in the Word of God and as borne purely in Jesus was lost and all attempts at restoring it have hitherto failed.

It is therefore advisable at the present time to look again in the Bible and try and read the Word of Jesus Himself and independently come to an understanding of what His Teaching was all about. His Word is simple enough and we should not have much difficulty understanding It. We would often be surprised as to how different His Teaching and Word is from the present day interpretations found in most places.

This will actually come as a shock but that is exactly the situation when all additions and interpretations have been removed from Jesus’ Word. His Word as It really is will shine forth and we will come to realise what untold blessings have laid hidden in the Bible without anyone actually realising it.

The main thing is to set free that independent thinking and ability to assess which lies within every human being. That will show us the way. We should never let fear deter us from starting on the only road that leads to salvation.

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