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How do we worship God?

Many of us have our own conceptions about how we are to go about worshiping God and many of the existing denominations have their own ideas also about how their congregants are to set about this. There are as many ideas and opinions on the matter as there are denominations.

The reason for this confusion is simply the fact that mankind has lost its way and no longer knows how he is to approach his Creator. Why should there be any confusion at all in this matter if mankind was spiritually open and as such still connected to God? This confusion is a glaring testament to our estrangement from God.

This matter, or the answer to this question is, like everything else in Creation very simple indeed. That which really constitutes the worship of God, strange to say is not to be found in any of the practices which predominates in the many present-day sects. It does not lie in contortions and night vigils or tithes or praise-songs and so on and so forth.

The worship of God lies simply in keeping the Divine Laws. Because somehow we partly know that this is the case many of us avoid it and would rather follow the easy road which we have created for ourselves and which actually does not exist at all. Keeping the Divine Laws is not so easy for mankind of today, firstly because we have not the faintest idea of what the Divine Laws are and, secondly our life of comfort and ease will make it difficult to adhere to them.

We would rather give one-tenth of our earthly earnings than actually make the spiritual effort to do what is really necessary. Yet only in the beginning is adherence to the Laws of God difficult. It is only so because we have never become accustomed to following these Laws and as such like everything else this road to the adherence to the Laws of God is covered with thorns and bushes. Walking on it therefore will not be comfortable until we clear the thorns and bushes.

If, therefore, we truly want to worship the Creator, we must first of all learn to know what the Laws are. Once we do then we must endure the first few years while we learn how to adjust ourselves to them. Once we begin to evidence our goodwill in this regard then we are bound to attract spiritual help which will make things easier. Then one day the worship of God which consists of nothing but our ability to keep the Divine Laws will become an integral part of our being, natural like hunger and sleep. That is when we would have become the creatures that God had always intended us to be.

The Divine Laws are clearly explained the book “In the Light Of Truth: The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin”

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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