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Is the way to God difficult to master?

The way to God should not be difficult but the reality is that present day humanity at the present time find it the greatest difficulty to understand God and find his way to Him. This was not always so, however.

Man was created after the image of God and as such comes with all that he needs for the understanding of his Creator. He comes naturally endowed with all the gifts necessary for this and as such he should find the understanding of God and the way to Him the most natural thing. Being natural it should then be the easiest of things.

What then happened? What has changed that has made it almost impossible to find our way back to God? What happpened to all those gifts that were to make it easy for us to find Him and recognise Him? Somewhere along the line, during our long evolutionary journey on this earth we lost all those gifts that were meant to make it easy for us to find the right path.

Foremost among these gifts is our intuition. This intuition is a part of our spirit, our core and essence. This has the characteristic of being able to connect with our origin which is the spiritual realm in the vicinity of God. This allows us to sense His nearness and His Power even when we are still on earth in the midst of all that is material.

We were meant to keep this channel open at all times thereby making it possible to receive instructions and guidance, enabling us to navigate our earth-lives in a manner pleasing to God, living a sinless, blameless existence, making our paths back to God open.

This was the case with early man and hence we hear of amazing technologies with men of bygone times, technologies which are not to be found and not even understood by us at the present time.

There must have come a time when we collectively decided as a species to ignore this wonderful spiritual channel which always granted us access to Divine nearness. It was the time we all decided to cultivate the intellect and regard it as superior to this intuition. In time, we became incapable of hearing this intuition and became completely cut off from spiritual perception, understanding and sensing.

We had chosen for the intellect with the consequence that we could perceive only earthly things, our spiritual sights being lost to us. We thereby lost the possibility of being guided by our intuitions thereby making it difficult to find the path to God and thus opening up the gates to all kinds of wrong doing because we could no longer be guided by our intuitions. We had no idea of how to live our earthly lives anymore because the guidance from spiritual heights was lacking.

The path or the way to God then became lost which hitherto we were unable to find. The solution requires that we retrieve what was once lost. We should awaken the intuition which still lies within us and it will automatically find its way upwards to its origin which is the spiritual realm in the vicinity of God.

At the moment many of us are still trying to use the intellect in our search for the Creator. This will never succeed as the intellect is unable to penetrate to those heights from which the intuition has its origin and where the way to God is to be found. The intellectual study of the Bible and all other religious works is therefore not the way to the understanding of God.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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