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Wrong concepts about God – God is mysterious, nothing can be known about Him

This is an idea that flourishes everywhere. Most people, whether religious or not believe that God is so mysterious that He Himself and His many wonderful ways can never be understood. Many who are serious about this matter have often racked their brains over this without being any closer to any form of understanding of their God and those who are not so serious about this have given up long ago, not even bothering to make the effort because of their belief that it will be a futile quest.

While it is true that God in His Infinite Essence can never be understood by any man since we are not endowed with the capacity for this, His ways, however, can be understood. His ways as He manifests in Nature towards us and all His other creatures can be completely understood. God manifests in His Laws and in Nature which can be experienced and observed by any man.

Once we begin to learn about the Laws of Nature and Nature itself then we begin to undestand the attributes of God and the mystery falls away. God does not want mystery and darkness. He does not intend that His wonderful ways be shrouded in some form of mysterious darkness. He wants His ways to be known to every man so that by knowing them we can adjust ourselves and make use of them for our own benefit.

Nothing can be more clear than the ways of God. His Laws are there for all of us to observe and experience and adjust ourselves to and benefit from their application to our lives. The fundamental Laws of Nature are the ways of God which we are meant to learn to know and exploit for our benefit. Once we thoroughly know the Laws of Nature and adjust ourselves to them, then we would have understood God and grasped His Nature as He manifests towards us as His creatures and that is all that is required of us.

So God is not at all mysterious. All we need do is learn to know His Laws then we will grasp His Essence as He manifests here and we will then come to realize that things are much more simple and life is much freer than what we had hitherto known.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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