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Is God responsible for natural disasters?

The term “natural disaster” is probably an unfortunate one coined by man because of his inability to explain what is happening around him. His penchant for always assigning blame does not help in this either.

A better way to put things is probably to say “sudden changes in nature” and so on. These are indeed changes in nature and they often occur suddenly without any apparent warning. But only apparently so. There are always warnings but we have made ourselves incapable of hearing them. Even when we do hear them we hardly ever listen to them hence the injury and destruction experienced by those who have been affected by these sudden changes in nature.

Changes in nature is akin to what on earth we call maintenance. Nature is cared for and maintained by forces which God has allowed to come into being and these forces are called the elemental beings or the elements. They are responsible for the bringing into existence of our material creation and are also responsible for its maintenance.

When these changes are due to take place mankind is always warned either through the gradual nature of these changes which should have alerted man that something was afoot or through other means as, for example, the warnings we receive through our intuitions or dreams or through the behaviour of animals.

There have been many accounts of how animals have helped save thousands of people from certain death through their refusal to visit or pass through a particular area only to hear hours later that something terrible had just happened in that particular area.

Animals are therefore very valuable in this respect and can make up for what we as human beings have lost over the millennia. These animals still possess something which we human beings no longer have.

As a result of what we have lost we are therefore much more vulnerable and more prone to perish from the effects of these sudden changes which nature is bound to bring about from time to time.

So as far as the changes themselves are concerned they are natural processes which will always occur since maintenance must always be carried out. The servants of God then are responsible for these changes in nature which they carry out according to His Will.

In times past man was still able to listen to the warnings of these elemental beings and vacate the area where maintenance was due. Hence at that time there was never a question of lives being lost as a result of sudden changes in nature. There was no question of anyone asking this question because mankind at that time was fully aware of what was going on and co-operated with the changes.

Since at the present time we have closed ourselves to spiritual understanding and insight and due to a complete lack of undertanding of what is really going on around us, we could then have the audacity to ask this question and try to blame God for these changes because many of us have perished in these so-called disasters.

We perished simply as a result of our own fault because we failed to read the signs or as often happens we deliberately refused to acknowledge these warnings. Who then is to blame? It is often instructive that we as mankind have never yet accepted blame for anything. We have never yet accepted responsibility. It is always something else responsible and ultimately it is God that is to blame for everything.

It is time to accept that man is to blame for all the imperfections and the disasters and all that is wrong in the world. Our wrong thoughts, words and dark deeds have poisoned our environment bringing nothing but unease and suffering.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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