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The prophets of God

There is one thing that we must all come to realize. It is that only God can choose His prophets. How often have religious organizations been taken aback by the appearance of someone from completely outside their ranks but who nevertheless is able to explain the Laws of God and the way to Him in a simple but effective manner.

It is often the case or even always the case that the prophets of old had never arisen from the ranks of those who regarded themselves as the custodians of the particular religion and who felt themselves most qualified to interpret the Word of God. God had always felt it necessary to choose His prophets from outside of the ranks of these people and with this passed His Judgment on the practices of these people.

Such was the case with Jesus, the Son of God and with many others besides. Just because Jesus had not arisen from the ranks of the Sadducees, or the Pharisees for that matter, He was deemed unqualified or untrained in the interpretation of the Word of God.

He was regarded as lay or a lay preacher because He had not passed through their schools and had not received any instructions from any earthly institution. The story is still the same today, however. Many in the religious circles would brand anyone as lay or untrained who was able to speak about the Laws of God and the spiritual in general.

As far as they were concerned they had received training and had the best qualifications in the interpretation of God’s Word. What they fail to realize is that the knowledge of the Laws of God does not ask for any earthly scholarly training. Those who are so chosen had already received all the training they needed before incarnating on earth and that these, through the life experiences they are allowed to go through mature and at the right time commence with their missions.

Earthly intellectual training in religion has nothing to do with being spiritually capable of interpreting the Word of God. The intellect is in no wise capable of doing this since it derives its origin from the earth. God and the spiritual lie far above this earth. It is therefore those who are capable of connecting to the spiritual that can interpret the Word of God.

The powerful vibrations of the intuition is all they need since this allows them to receive undimmed Truth from God through their connection to Him through their intuitions. Training through schools is not a requirement for this nor is it necessary.  These vibrations of the intuition is not synonymous with the intellect or brain power. The intuition, being spiritual is able to connect with its homogenous realm: the spiritual realm and receive enlightenment from there.

Bearing this in mind, it is therefore today more than ever necessary for each individual to open his mind and to be on the alert because as before the revelation of undimmed Truth will come through unexpected sources.

We should not allow ourselves to be put off by comments about “strange or unlikely sources.” Remember that the same happened with Jesus, and even Nathanael initially doubted by saying in John 1:46 “…Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”

It is after all a question of our own survival. We have to fight for ourselves. The joys of conscious existence is something worth fighting for.

The key therefore is not to prejudge.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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