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The distortion of God’s Word through the ages

It may be useful to read the article “It is all about memory” as a supplement to this discussion. It is really all about our ability to preserve what we hear and see and pass it on to posterity.

Again one must point out what the function of the brain is and how we have over the course of time altered its function, thereby distorting it, making it incapable of acting in the way that it really should.

The brain is divided into a frontal intellectual brain called the cerebrum and an intuitive back brain called the cerebellum. The function of the frontal intellectual brain is to receive from the cerebellum and pass on these impressions as activity on earth. It is meant to act upon what it receives and make these impressions into actions on earth. It is also meant to pass on what it sees and experiences from the outside world on to the cerebellum for this in turn to pass on to the spirit.

Working hand in hand in this way man was meant to be someone who was supposed to be in a position to receive from the spirit and bring into action what it receives from the spirit. The activity of the spirit in this way was meant to be seen and felt on earth. This is Divine ordinance and ensures that we act according to the Divine Laws. In this way it is impossble to go wrong or for any form of wrongdoing to be introduced into the mechanism. Man will be as he should be; in harmony with every other creature and with nature itself.

The balanced working of the two parts of the brain would have ensured spiritual maturity and harmony and happiness through the entire creation. It is all about the balanced working of the two parts of the brain. Working in harmony we would have had access to great spiritual revelations, discoveries and knowledge which would have been transmitted for use on earth.

As things developed however, we introduced something entirely different to the working of the mechanism. We introduced an imbalance which over the course of millennia led to the train wreck and the suffering which characterize our societies.

The two parts of the brain were not developed equally by man. We developed the intellectual part of the brain and neglected the intuitive part. The intellectual part as a result grew bigger in proportion to the overuse while the intuitive brain shrank in proportion to its lack of use. The latter is now no longer able to function as it should. It is no longer in a position to receive those spiritual impressions and pass them on to the frontal brain. It is too weak and under-developed for this. On the other hand the frontal brain has grown too big to receive anything. It has become a producer instead of being a tool and a transmitter.

The back brain has the capacity to receive images from the spirit and retain the images as pictures. It has the capacity to store up experiences in vivid pictures without any distortions. It is actually the basis for memory. It is the memory brain. That is its role. Without it functioning properly, we can never claim to really have any memory. We are unable to store up experiences as vivid pictures. We are unable to retain whatever we experience on earth in purity. On the contrary, whatever we experience on earth gets retained in the frontal brain where it is analyzed and dissected so that nothing gets passed on to the cerebellum.

This is therefore the basis for the distortion of God’s Word through the ages. We have been unable to preserve for posterity all that we have heard and experienced as human beings on this earth. All that we have heard and experienced in the vicinity of Divine Envoys and prophets have not been preserved in purity within us and as such we have not been able to pass on the pure form of their message for posterity. Their messages have always been distorted because of our lack of capacity to preserve it and remember it totally.

Because of our deficient memory due to the weakened cerebellum, we were not able to remember all that the Envoys and Messengers of God told us. We were not even able to understand them properly because a full understanding of their words depended on the co-operation of the cerebellum. Because the latter is under-developed we have been unable to understand the Envoys and Messengers of God, let alone preserve in memory all that they told us.

What we forgot, however, we added our own thinking and imagination. To fill the defects in our memory, we have added elements of our own thinking and as such what we have or have passed on to posterity have never been the true Word of the Divine Envoys but a combination of our own thinking and fragments of what we remembered and so on. All of this is now passed on today at the present time as inviolable truth and as coming from God.

What arose out of mankind’s deficient memory is now meant to pass as something coming from the great Creator. No!

This is the case with every single religion. What men thought out and added is now being bandied about as what God said! As a result of this injunction “…God said…” or “…Christ said…”, no one is meant to challenge or ask any questions even if what is said often contains what is most ludicrous or illogical.

Therefore all we have before us today in organized religion is nothing more than men’s opinions intertwined with a few words from the Divine Envoys, the context of which is often out of proportion or entirely lost.

It is important for us to re-examine everything that we have so far heard and see whether we can attempt to start to decipher and separate the clinging vines from the true Word.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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