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Wrong concepts about God – Where was God when my child suffered and died, why did He not prevent it?

This question is asked by the majority of mankind in different ways. Whether it be a loved one or a child who has suffered and died there is always this nagging question in the minds of many people whether God could have prevented that terrible suffering and whether if indeed God is just and merciful He could have allowed such things to happen.

Many people even lose their faith as a result and all the more take the downward path. All this because of man’s ignorance about anything spiritual and about God and the Laws of this Creation.

These questions actually show that we know nothing about the mechanisms of this Creation and nothing at all about the Creator and about ourselves and the purpose of our lives. If we did, such questions and accusations, and these are nothing but accusations against God would never arise. These accusations of God arise out of the basest ignorance for which there is no excuse. No excuse because we have been on this earth for millions of years, yet we have absolutely no conception of our lives and our environment and of this Creation and about God.

This is equivalent to our living in a house for many decades but still no idea of where the doors are and the various rooms and their functions. It is unpardonable. Yet we have the audacity to make accusations when we are struck with the consequences of our own actions when we have lived ignorantly of the Laws and the mechanisms of this Creation.

We lived ignorantly not because we did not have teachers who were sent by God to teach us of the Laws and the mechanisms of Creation but because we pointedly refused to learn. All the teachers we put out and persecuted and killed until in the most inconceivable act in our blind hate we persecuted and killed the Living Word in Jesus.

We always thought we knew everything better and shut out every teacher who has been mercifully granted to come and teach us about the Laws of God, showing us the road and the way to light and joy and a life devoid of suffering. When now we are struck by suffering we now have the effrontery to blame this same God Whose Hand we had always shunned?

How would we as human beings react to such creatures? How despicable such creatures appear before our own eyes, and then how much more despicable we must then appear before the Eyes of God because this has been our attitude towards Him Who had always sent helpers and teachers and even His own Son, and how did we treat this Son?

Everything has stemmed from our refusal to gain spiritual knowledge. All suffering and all tribulation has stemmed from this. Since we have refused to gain spiritual knowledge we remain ignorant of the Laws and the mechanisms of Creation. Consequently we do the wrong things, going against the Laws and incurring the Wrath of the Laws of God and attracting evil consequences to ourselves as a result.

Through ignorance we put evil in this Creation through our thoughts, words and deeds which in the final end we must reap as consequences for our actions. When we are then hit by these consequences to our actions we lament and make accusations forgetting that we are the authors of these evil consequences. It is indeed very ironic!

We should therefore stop making accusations against the great Creator but must accuse ourselves for refusing to gain spiritual knowledge which would have opened our eyes to the mechanisms of this Creation and guaranteed a joyful and blissful earthly existence.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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