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Schizophrenia is characterised by hallucinations (visual and auditory) and delusions. By hallucination is meant that these patients see images (visual) or hear voices (auditory). Delusions refer to altered beliefs, either persecutory or grandiose, etc. Other characteristics include disorganised speech, disorganised behaviour and negative symptoms such as flattened mood.

There are five subtypes of schizophrenia: Paranoid, Disorganised, Catatonic, Residual and Undifferentiated. What often differentiates these different subtypes is the presence or absence of specific behaviours such as catatonia or disorganisation. By catatonia is meant a series of bizarre behaviours such as posturing, rigidity and mutism (lack of speech).

Schizophrenia is a big subject and if physical causes can be ruled out, then what is left are the spiritual causes. Some of the physical causes would probably also include some of the vitamin B deficiencies, especially niacin.

Therefore if a gross brain disorder has been ruled out, then the explanation of most of the symptoms will always lie in the spirits of these patients.



As mentioned above, hallucinations can either be visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory or tactile.  The most common, however, is auditory.  Most patients with schizophrenia report that they hear voices or that they see things. These voices are often malevolent, commanding them to do unpleasant things and can even lead them to commit crimes.

They also hear voices that run commentaries about what they are doing. It is almost always the case that these patients hear voices in their heads talking to them or conversations between two people or several people.

Some of the patients, as mentioned before actually say that they see images on the wall or that they see diminutive “Lilliputian” images. The images that they see are often ugly and sneering.



This is regarded as erroneous beliefs of a wide variety: persecutory, grandiose, religious etc. The person may believe that he or she is being followed or tormented, for example. Other types include “thought-insertions” and “thought-withdrawals”. The former refers to a situation where the patient believes that an outside agent has inserted or is inserting thoughts into his head. The latter refers to when thoughts are being withdrawn from the patient’s head.


Disorganised speech and thoughts

Another very important characteristic of schizophrenia is disorganised speech associated with disorganised thinking. This can take the form of blocking of thoughts, thought derailment, unrelated answers to questions. Their speech may be completely disorganised (complete incoherence). They may move rapidly from one unrelated topic to the other.


Disorganised behaviour

These patients may become completely depersonalised. They often revert to primitive behaviour and lose all identity of self. They lose the ability to physically take care of themselves, including not being able to maintain personal hygiene. They may show complete inappropriate behaviour, for example in the way they dress. They may also become very aggressive.

Some assume bizarre postures. They may stay in a rigid position for hours (catalepsy). They may also show inappropriate facial expressions such as grimacing, tics etc. Some lose the power of speech, giving rise to mutism, while others mimic words or phrases just spoken by others (echolalia), others still mimic the movements of other people (echopraxia).



It must be noted that no one really has been able to conclusively find a physical basis for all these symptoms which would indicate that the causes of this very serious disorder lie elsewhere. In addition, psychiatry as a whole has concentrated only in treating the symptoms of this disease instead of looking for the real cause and then trying to deal with this.

The cause of schizophrenia will not be found in the brain. If these patients say that they hear voices, then indeed they do hear voices. It is impossible to spiritually hear or see anything unless that thing is there. The voices that these patients hear are the voices of departed human spirits who are either earthbound or are in the immediate vicinity of this earth.

These spirits are normally such that are not able to ascend after they have departed, and in most cases are such that are evil-minded. This evil propensity prevents their ascent in the Beyond and since humanity itself lives very strongly in the Darkness, these souls have been attracted to this earth plane instead of remaining in their dark realm.

Here on earth, however, they do extreme havoc, always looking for opportunities to manifest. It is their manifestations through these patients that produce the symptoms of schizophrenia. The patients give them an opportunity to manifest through a breach in their natural defence system.

The main reason for this problem or this opportunity that patients proffer to departed souls is the indolence or weakness of the spirit. Other factors that contribute to weakness of the spirit such as shock and fear temporarily break down the defences of these patients by paralysing the spirit, thereby making it possible for other souls to encroach. Another important cause is the various occult experimentations such as meditations, training for clairaudience and clairvoyance, etc. This experimentation breaks down the natural defences of these experimenters allowing malevolent spirits from the Beyond to approach.

Another cause may lie in the premature exposure of children and young adolescents to overt sexual influence and orgies which awakens their generative power prematurely and breaks down their defences. Overwrought nerves through one-sided intellectual activity may either destroy the brain or weaken the spirit because these excessive intellectual activity keeps the spirit bound, preventing it from awakening and growing strong.

The premature awakening of the generative power breaks down the protection of children, thereby allowing some spirit in the Beyond to approach, a happening which would have been delayed until maturity when they would have been able to develop their own strength to counter any form of attack form any spirits.

The major big cause, however, is weakness or indolence of the spirit. By indolence of the spirit is meant spiritual languidness and the inability of the spirit to make itself felt. The over-cultivation of the intellect which all mankind have submitted themselves to has over thousands of years weakened the spirit. The spirit has not been allowed to work on earth and consequently in most people it is actually sleeping.

This prevents the spirit from actually taking full possession of the body and working through it. It is not active at all. This then creates a condition where such a spiritually weak human being can be temporarily or permanently pushed out of his body by another alien bodiless human spirit. The natural defences that a strong spirit normally has through its own strength and activity is eliminated because the spirit is weak and inactive. Therefore, seeing this weakness, another, often malevolent spirit from the Beyond approaches and gradually takes over the body of the patient.

The human spirit acts towards the outside world through his blood radiation, which is determined through his blood composition. Through his will, he is able to change this blood radiation to such as suits it for activity on earth.

There are cases, however, where the spirit is too weak to change the blood radiation itself either through weakness or indolence or through some physical ailment which prevents it from being able to bring forth the will to do so.

These are then the cases where there is insufficient radiation of the blood. This then prevents the spirit from being able to fully unfold its volition. In such a situation then, since it is weak, another human spirit in the Beyond may take advantage of this weakness and push out this weak spirit. The rightful owner of the body is then pushed out and the intruder then starts by making use of the brain.

There are other cases where the blood radiation is false and by this is meant that the particular radiation is not suitable for this particular human being. The blood radiation has changed in such a way that it is no longer suitable for the rightful owner of the body. However, such a blood radiation may be suitable for another bodiless human spirit and as a result it pushes aside the rightful owner of the body and manifests. There may be many human spirits involved.

What are the reasons for a weak spirit, however? The spirit is weak through inactivity! Most human beings have overdeveloped their intellects and regard this intellect as of paramount importance. Their spirits which they were meant to have put to use on earth have been ignored. Their spirits have been walled off through the intellect, or they have replaced their spirits with their intellects. It therefore lies sleeping and weak within them and consequently can easily be pushed aside by another bodiless human spirit in the Beyond.

This disease therefore, as well as the dissociative identity disorders in which are present multiple personalities are a direct consequence of the hereditary sin of mankind, whereby we have tied off our spirits and have concentrated mainly on the development of the intellect.

In cases where the symptoms were brought on through some fear or shock, then these factors have paralysed the spirit, therefore removing the defences, allowing another spirit to take over. The bodiless spirit simply pushes aside the paralysed spirit and takes over the brain and other parts of the body.

The long term prevention and cure of this problem therefore lies in the complete change in outlook and the absolute emphasis that must be placed on spiritual things as opposed to the intellect.

Another very important factor, for example, is someone who has involved himself in some form of occult practice of whatever nature. He has through his own volition broken through his own defences. It does not then matter how spiritually strong he is, because through his practices, he deliberately expressed a desire or extended a hand to those in the Beyond who can then approach him and overcome his own strength.

He then initially begins to hear them (auditory hallucinations) or may be able to see images shown to him by them or he may begin to see thought-forms which normally he is protected from seeing. His experimentation to make himself clairvoyant or clairaudient has opened him up too soon to these influences without him developing the necessary defence against this.

So through his own practices, he becomes prematurely clairaudient and clairvoyant. This is then the reason why this particular patient sees images which are usually thought-forms. He actually sees these images but with his finer inner eyes. These are then not hallucinations as generally assumed by most people. He also hears these souls speaking to him or speaking to each other. In this same way, since he has made himself prematurely clairaudient, he is then able to hear these souls. These too are not hallucinations but he actually hears these things with his refined inner ear.

These spirits affect and manifest to these patients depending on their nature. If evil and malevolent, they say things and command him to do terrible things. Since his own will and defence has been eroded, then they can do whatever they want to him and with him. He is completely at their mercy. In milder forms or early forms such as in paranoid schizophrenia, they may not possess his body and may not even completely possess his brain, but what these spirits do is to insert thoughts and withdraw thoughts from his brain. His symptoms are then limited to hallucinations and sometimes to delusions.  Most cases of paranoid schizophrenia fall in this category.

This is just one type of patient but there are other types but they manifest in the same way whereby the patient somehow expresses a desire for such and as in the case above, these spirits who only need the slightest excuse approach and exercise some influence.

In the more severe cases, for example in disorganised and catatonic schizophrenia, the invading spirit or spirits actually make continuous or intermittent use of the brain and it is this continuous or intermittent struggles between the rightful owner of the brain and the intruders which manifest as disorganised thoughts, speech and behaviour.

Sometimes they make full use of the brain of these patients and the result are what we see as the complete depersonalisation in these cases. The fact that multiple spirits may be involved is evidenced by the varying bizarre symptomatology. Sometimes the various spirits in their struggle to express their volitions through this brain make the rightful owner of the body or brain present to the outside world with confused thoughts, disorganised words  and so on.

In the most severe cases such as in dissociative identity disorders, complete possession takes place not only of the brain but of the body itself except a small part of it which if eroded will jeopardise the health of this body. These are then the cases where there are multiple complete personalities in one person. The fact of the matter is that these spirits have been able to carry their encroachment so far as to be able to completely push aside the rightful owner using not only the brain but almost all the other organs.

We must note here the gradations: in the mild cases, what we have are the thought insertions, auditory hallucinations and sometimes visual hallucinations. If these symptoms stop here then these are mild cases. They, however, invariably progress beyond this stage if not treated. Most cases of paranoid schizophrenia belong to this category.

In the moderately severe cases like catatonic and disorganised schizophrenia, what we have is the possession of the day-brain of the patients by an alien bodiless spirit or spirits which account for all the varied symptoms of these patients. The struggles that constantly go on between all the spirits involved, including the rightful owner manifest as the symptoms. They have, however, not gone so far as to encroach and take over the entire body including the more primitive area of the brains.

The most severe cases are the dissociative identity or fugue disorders where the encroachment has gone so far as to take over the entire brain and most of the organs of the body. We will soon be discussing the dissociative disorders.

As far as paranoid schizophrenia is concerned, if we rule out a history of experimentation with the occult or the deliberate opening of oneself through one means or the other to beyond-earthly influences, then the cause will lie in indolence or weakness of the spirit. What then starts as mild symptoms if not correctly diagnosed and treated may then progress gradually to dissociative or the other forms of schizophrenia.



1. Avoid all forms of occult experimentations including meditations. These practices break down the natural barriers and expose us to the dangers of being possessed.

2. Avoid attempts at making contacts with those who have passed away. This may also leave one exposed to this danger of attracting base human spirits to oneself.

3. A complete change in the education of children and adolescents to emphasise the spiritual and de-emphasise the material. Since catatonic and disorganised forms are commonest in this age group, it is imperative to educate young people about the importance of the existence of a spirit within them, which they can now put to use, strengthening it in the process. This then forms the natural defence mechanisms against this terrible disorder.

4. A general complete change in emphasis in our lives to the spiritual. We must know that it is the overdevelopment of the intellect and the over-reliance on it that has emasculated the spirit here on earth. The only long-lasting preventative measure is the advice to strengthen our spirits. This strengthening has the effect of changing the blood radiation to something suitable for the spirit which will automatically form through his will.

5. A knowledgeable doctor can also change the blood radiation thereby curing these patients.

6. We must change our volitions for the good. This change helps to bring out our spirits making it active and strong and consequently affording us protection against all darkness.

7. Another very important factor is fear. A fearful person may be more prone to these symptoms because his spirit is more or less always paralysed through his fear and in this way his defences are weakened. It is therefore imperative that we avoid this.

8. Absolute change in the way that children are brought up. Children must remain children and they must not be exposed to those factors mentioned above which prematurely robs them of their protection without allowing them the time to develop a kind of strength to counter this. Parents have a great responsibility in this and are often to blame for the mental problems of their children because they yield far too often to the demands of popular trends. All these are however very harmful to the spirits of their children.



1. The only cure lies in prayer. It lies in the power of one called for the purpose who can receive strength from God and in combination with his own powers dislodge all these intruding spirits. Through prayer he receives additional Power from God for his activities.

2. Another way for cure is for someone who knows to change the blood radiation of these patients. There can be an acute change in the blood radiation which can lead to an immediate amelioration of the symptoms. This can then be followed up with long term change in the blood radiation through appropriate diet that suits that particular individual.

3. Appropriate psychotherapy to find out what has actually led to this problem. If it is spiritual indolence then the individual must be advised as to the importance of where from then on emphasis should lie.

4. Above all if he is able to rouse his spirit to pray and direct his volition to the Light help will come to him. He must always direct all his volitions upwards and for the good for this to happen, however.

For those who have been experimenting in one way or the other with occult things, it is indeed difficult because through their own volition, they opened themselves to these currents.

If their symptoms have resulted from occult practices or some other means brought on by themselves, then it is very difficult indeed for the Light to help because they have themselves extended their own volitions towards the darkness. Ignorance then of the Laws of God is not a protection against the consequences.

Please read “Questions on Schizophrenia” for further details on risk assessment.

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