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If Thou Be The Son of God…

Please refer to the articles “It is all about memory” and “False or wrong expectations” for further reference. However, it suffices to state here that it is rather unfortunate that many of us still believe even today that Jesus could have, if only He wanted to, descended from the cross and saved Himself from the crucifixion.

There are two elements to this demand made by men on Divinity: firstly, in spite of what Jesus had accomplished in the lives of the people and among the people and in spite of all His great deeds and miracles, the majority of the people still did not believe Him and wanted Him to supply further proofs of His Divine Essence. The second element is the complete ignorance that still exists among mankind of the great Laws of this Creation.

The fact that even today many of us still think that Jesus could have saved Himself attests to the fact that nothing has really changed as far as spiritual understanding and real progress are concerned. We are still as we were two thousand years ago and still harbour the same expectations and the same lack of understanding of how things really are in Creation.

In the first place, Jesus did not need to supply proof of His Divine Essence to anyone. His great Word alone would have been sufficient for this. The great Wisdom which issued from Him and the Power and Truth which emanated from Him and His Word should have been proof enough because no one else but One Who issued from the Father could have had access to such wisdom.

For a pure right thinking humanity, that would have been sufficient. The fact that Jesus had to also perform miracles testifies to that fact of our spiritual dullness, being unable to simply recognise Divinity as such without any promptings.

Humanity’s spiritual retrogression made it impossible to recognise Jesus as such and for Who He was, simply without any other proof but His Word. This is the fault of mankind and a damning indictment of our spiritual state. Even Jesus’ miracles convinced only a few, further testifying to this our spiritual dullness. For the majority, even these were not enough for them taking their demands to an extreme and absurd level by asking Jesus to provide even more proof of His Divinity.

Even if He had come down from the cross we would have demanded even more proof of His Divinity, continually making demands without end. Such people have never intended to believe in the Word of Jesus and no proof, no matter how convincing would have changed their minds.

As to our ignorance of the Laws of God concerning our belief that Jesus could have come down if only He wanted to, let us just say that all who have been born of flesh must obey the Law as it applies to the flesh.

Even Jesus having been born of the flesh could not have circumvented this Law. Consequently if a physical body was nailed to a physical cross it would be impossible for that body to free itself unless there was outside help. That is the Law that applies to everything physical and Jesus being a Part of this Law would never have broken It, nor would He have wanted to do that.

Our inability to understand spiritual things is what has led mankind to keep demanding proof of the existence of the spiritual and even absurdly ultimately calling into question the existence of God and demanding proof from Him to show that He exists.

God does not have to prove anything. It is mankind who has to use the relevant sense organs to recognise Him. If we fail to do this then what right have we to make demands on Divinity? If we fail to use our God-given abilities and sense organs, what right have we now to question the existence of this same Divinity?

This is analogous to someone who has plucked out his own eyes and now because he is now blind due to his own action denies the existence of what he cannot see and expects that world that he cannot see to make up for his blindness by making concessions and so on. This is an unjust demand and where Divinity is concerned is tantamount to blasphemy.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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